Best Mobile App Ideas That Will Inspire You In 2023-2024

There is no doubt, the mobile app industry is growing significantly, and every year we see new mobile app ideas & inventions. Today there are around 5.60 million combined applications available on the leading app stores, and the number is continuously increasing day by day.

In such a competitive era, every new startup or existing business wants to put its ideas into action and present something new and unique to its target audience. And mobile apps play an essential role in delivering such needs.

As mobile users are increasing leaps and bounds every year, having one of the best mobile app ideas will be essential to set your feet in the market trend. New on-demand app ideas are crucial if you are starting a new mobile business ideas or developing an app for an existing business. But how do you know which idea will be best for your startup business?

Here is the list of best mobile app ideas you can explore in 2023. Let’s have a quick look at the ideas.

1. Health & Fitness App

Health & Fitness App

Nowadays, maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle is harder than it seems. Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, people deeply felt the importance of health and have become more health-conscious now. Therefore searching for the best tool to help you achieve these fitness goals, there will be no better option than your smartphone.

Today with the help of the latest mobile app development technologies, it is possible to develop applications that monitor the Health and Fitness of the users. These applications are equipped with various charts that help manage users’ health and keep track of their fitness anywhere, anytime.

The idea of developing a Health and Fitness app will help lower the risks of health disorders and will be the right approach to the market.

Top 5 Health & Fitness Apps

  1. My Fitness Pal
  2. Daily Workout Fitness Trainer
  3. Fooducate
  4. Glo
  5. Sworkit

2. Online Marketplace App

The online marketplace is a type of e-commerce application or online portal website that connects the buyers and sellers in one place. It is an online buying and selling platform that offers various products, services, and brands for you to choose from.

If you’re an entrepreneur and thinking of developing a marketplace app, right now is a great time to implement your idea. As per Fobes, the B2C marketplaces are expected to reach $3.5 trillion in sales by 2024. So, looking towards the increasing trend in marketplaces, there are higher chances of your marketplace idea to succeed.

Top 5 Online Marketplace Apps

  1. Amazon
  2. Ebay
  3. Rakuten
  4. Walmart
  5. AliExpress

3. Travel Planning App

The travel industry is one of the fastest-growing and top among revenue-generating sectors. And almost every travel business today holds a mobile travel app that brings some strong ideas with new changes. People love to travel, and almost every traveler today prefers mobile apps while traveling. The travel apps fulfill every necessity such as tour guide, hotel booking, money payments, etc.

Tourists are the best target for earning good revenue, and you don’t need a tour agency for that. Just a travel app would do the purpose for you.

If you’re thinking of diving into the travel industry with some unique ideas? Well, this is the right time to brainstorm your app idea in the market.

Top 5 Travel Planning Apps

  1. Wanderlog
  2. Roadtrippers
  3. TripIt: Travel Planner
  4. Kaik
  5. Airbnb

4. Taxi Booking App

On-demand Taxi booking apps are booming in the ride-sharing marketplace. Everyone today needs hassle-free rides to avoid traffic, and people prefer doorstep pickup and drop at the location. The exponential rising demand for taxi booking services has helped ride sharing companies make massive profits.

Taxi booking service is on the checklist of budding entrepreneurs. Though it requires a large amount of capital, it ensures the increase of your investment in no time and proves to be more cost-effective.

In this evolving industry trend, if you’re thinking of starting an uber-like taxi booking service with Taxi app , you need to develop a proper business plan that will help you in every aspect.

Top 5 Taxi Booking Apps

  1. Uber
  2. Lyft
  3. Grab
  4. Gett
  5. Ola

5. On-Demand Food Delivery App

On-Demand Food Delivery App ideas for 2022

During the pandemic situation, many people were missing the outside foods and their favorite restaurant dishes, but the on-demand food delivery apps became life saviors for people as delivery guys started delivering all types of foods the people required.

This increased the popularity and demand of food delivery apps, and revenue streams were opened for many businesses and startup entrepreneurs.

Today there are so many great food delivery apps available in the market with different ideas. If you’re excited to launch your new food delivery app solution, make sure you serve a robust mobile app idea that plays a significant role in reaching out to the right customers.

Top 5 On-demand Food Delivery Apps

  1. Grubhub
  2. Uber Eats
  3. Deliveroo
  4. Just Eat
  5. Delivery Hero

6. Beauty & Hair Salon App

Beauty & Hair Salon App ideas for 2022

The beauty and Hair salon industry is also thriving at a fast rate. With the increase in the demand for beauty and wellness needs of customers, there is a significant rise in beauty and hair salons everywhere. Thus to expand the business and make the services unique to beat the market competition, many salons have started with developing a beauty salon app for their business, taking online booking of customers.

Also, many people like to hire an expert salon service provider at their doorstep, and many salons provide on-demand booking services to their customers, which helps generate more profits.

Top 5 Beauty Salon Apps

  1. MySalon App
  2. Salon Iris App
  3. SalonAppy
  4. Shedul
  5. Mycuts

7. Handyman Service App

Handyman Service app is a platform that connects the local handyman professionals with customers who require handyman services for fixing and installing their household products. The app allows customers to log in to the application providing their basic information, and then select the required services they need with the date and time of service.

Many professionals out there in the market cannot find potential customers for their services. Therefore, the idea of developing an On-demand Handyman Service App that connects professionals with potential customers will be a profitable business idea for entrepreneurs.

Top 5 Handyman services Apps

  1. Taskrabbit
  2. Handy
  3. Urban Company
  4. Thumbtack
  5. Porch

8. Grocery Delivery App

Almost all businesses are developing their mobile apps for the online platform providing various unique solutions to attract more customers, so why not create a grocery delivery app that compares the prices across all stores and lets the user select the cheaper one?

It is really a good idea, and people prefer this type of mobile app solution. If you’re already into the grocery business holding a physical store, then you should start with the online app solution right away. This idea will not only satisfy the customer’s needs but will also increase the reach of your business to a wider audience.

Top 5 Grocery Delivery Apps

  1. Walmart Grocery Delivery
  2. Postmates
  3. Shipt
  4. Instacart
  5. Peapod

9. Hotel & Restaurant Booking App

Today, people don’t like to wait for a long time at a hotel or restaurant to get reservations. They just want the best services with good food and stay experience. Hence customers lookout for online reservations, which seems a better idea, and the AI-powered apps turn out to be lucrative business solutions.

That’s why developing a Hotel & Restaurant booking app can be a convenient option for delivering such needs to the customers.

Top 5 Hotel Booking Apps

  3. Priceline
  4. Expedia
  5. HotelsCombined

10. Voice Chatting App

Voice Chatting App idea

Online voice chatting apps have grabbed the user’s attention covering all the issues users face during text and video calls. As a result, the demand for voice chatting apps have skyrocketed in the last few years, and the trend doesn’t seem to slow down.

Today people are looking for more engaging and creative platforms than Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. And Clubhouse has been in trends from recent time providing an audio-based social networking platform to the users. Creating an app with the concept of Clubhouse and implementing some new features will be a great decision for your business.

Top 5 Voice Chatting Apps

  1. Clubhouse
  2. Discord
  3. Mumble
  4. TeamSpeak 3
  5. Element

11. E- Learning App

With the development in technology, learning, and the education system have transformed effectively. As a result, the demand for educational apps increases every day as online learning platforms have become a popular and convenient source of learning.

And Covid-19 pandemic has made these e-learning apps extremely popular and an irreplaceable part of the modern education system. So today, educational apps are making a huge difference in students’ and teachers’ lives, and parallelly students are also interested in making use of the online resources for their educational purpose.

So if you’re an entrepreneur thinking of launching an educational app, then it would be the right time as educational apps are in demand now.

Top 5 e-Learning Apps

  1. Coursera
  2. Skillshare
  4. Udacity
  5. Udemy

12. Dating Apps

dating app ideas for 2022

Nowadays, people look for love online, and that is the reason the global dating market is growing rapidly. Dating apps have made online dating much easier by connecting millions of lonely hearts. Even though there are so many dating apps available in the market, it would be worth pursuing the idea if you have a unique dating app concept.

If there is any best and most profitable time to launch your own dating app, then it is right now.

Top 5 Dating Apps

  1. Tinder
  2. Bumble
  3. OkCupid
  4. Happn
  5. Hinge

13. Instant Messaging Apps


Instant Messaging Apps are popularly known as Texting apps. These applications are ruling the roast with some of the prominent apps like WhatsApp, Skype, and Messenger. Such apps have become an economical alternative to messaging via SMS or MMS. These applications offer a wide scope of chances for clients. For example, amass talks, photographs trade just like stickers, video, and sound sharing.

As Social networking & Instant Messaging applications are trending, you can take inspiration from the existing social networking applications. One can also consider making a blend of those to provide a better messaging experience to the users.

Top 5 Instant Messaging Apps

  1. WhatsApp
  2. Facebook Messenger
  3. WeChat
  4. QQ
  5. Telegram

14. Video & Photo Editing Apps

Today social media is a trending topic in the market, everyone is in the race to put their best and appealing content to these platforms, and gone are the days of harsh edits, today every social media creator has adopted a style on their profile feed, and photo and video editing apps play a huge role in this trend.

The majority of people today prefer photo and video editing solutions through a mobile app to edit their photo and video quickly and post it to various social media platforms. Developing a unique app with an easy-to-use interface and multiple features will help stand your app in the competition.

Top 5 Video Editing Apps

  1. Premiere Rush
  2. Quick
  3. LumaFusion
  4. Kinemaster
  5. FilmoraGo

15. Freelancer Marketplace App

Due to the pandemic outbreak, many jobs have been affected, and this forced the workforce to search for jobs online. And freelancing platforms made it easy for people to earn money from online platforms. Actually, remote work is no longer a trend, but it’s a reality we are living in today.

Developing a Freelancing marketplace platforms are becoming popular day by day. A report says that there are around 1.1 billion freelancers around the world with a global workforce of 3.5 billion. Creating a freelancing app will surely be a beneficial investment for your business.

Top 5 Freelancer Marketplace App

  1. Fiverr
  2. Toptal
  3. Upwork
  5. Flexjobs

16. On-Demand Car Wash App

The concept of an on-demand car washing app is becoming popular in the market. It seems to be a smart idea because washing the car and keeping it clean is a time-consuming process, and it does not end here, and customers sometimes have to wait in queues to get their turn. So many car owners prefer this business solution to get their car wash service at their desired location.

If you’re thinking of developing a car app, then you can definitely enjoy the success of your business idea.

Top 5 On-demand Car Wash Apps

  1. WashOS
  2. Wype
  3. Spiffy
  4. Qweex
  5. DinoWash

17. On-Demand Fuel Delivery App

With the world transforming at a rapid pace, convenient on-demand services are in significant demand. As a result, many startups and existing businesses are rushing towards the idea of connecting products and services with people at their doorsteps. One such idea is the on-demand fuel delivery service.

The on-demand fuel delivery app solution allows customers to refuel their vehicles anywhere without visiting the fuel station. Customers only need to schedule a delivery, and the fuel delivery person will come and refuel your vehicle at your desired location.

This on-demand solution is gradually becoming a huge success in many parts of the world, and we can expect a lot in the upcoming years.

Top 5 On-demand Fuel Delivery Apps

  1. Booster
  2. Filld
  3. Cafu
  4. Yoshi
  5. Gaston

18. Investment Apps

In recent years the investment apps have grown in popularity, and there has been a significant transformation in the financial sector of the modern world. Technology has provided a convenient ecosystem to the finance apps and made them more secure, quick, and profitable.

Today, anyone can access the stock market through a mobile app with just a few taps. The trend has attracted traditional investors and many entrepreneurs to become a part of this space.

Launching your own business startup in the financial app development sector can be a great idea, but detailed research and suggestions of experienced investors are recommended.

Top 5 Investment Apps

  1. Betterment
  2. Invstr
  3. Acorns
  4. Wealthbase
  5. Wealthfront

19. Packers and Movers App

We have heard about various on-demand services apps like Uber. What do you say about the Packers and Movers business?

With the involvement of technology in the on-demand services, the packers and movers app has made a good space in the market. Every day, thousands of people migrate from one place to another, and relocation is a hectic and stressful process, so people prefer moving apps for the shifting process.

The consistent growth in the packers and movers industry has made it a remarkable business opportunity. If you want to set up your own packers and movers business, then developing a mobile app would be a great business approach for your idea.

Top 5 Packers and Movers App

  1. Zoopla
  2. Shift Moving
  3. Dolly
  4. Shift Karado
  5. Moving Planner

20. Medicine Delivery App

Online medicine delivery apps have made people easily get their desired medicines delivered to their doorsteps. Medicine apps have been a game-changer in the health industry, especially during the pandemic. There is a rise in demand for home delivery of drugs, and these apps have become popular in the pharmacy market.

With pharmacy apps, it is easy for the customers to find the medicine they want, add it to the cart, and proceed to checkout making secure payments.

The future of Online medicine delivery apps looks bright, and people will continue to buy medicines online. So there is no doubt the medicine delivery apps development will be a promising business idea for you.

Top 5 Medicine Delivery Apps

  1. Epocrates
  2. 1mg
  3. Doximity
  4. Netmeds
  5. Skyscape

21. Vehicle Tracking App

Through advanced mobile tracking systems, it is easy to track someone’s location quickly, and if you use the same technology for business purposes like monitoring a fleet of vehicles, then it will definitely benefit your business. And this is all possible with various GPS vehicle tracking systems available today.

Vehicle tracking systems aim to simplify transportation management operations. Although there are many advantages of using a location tracking app, it helps automotive business owners to manage their expenses, improve their driving behavior and track the maintenance issues of their vehicles.

These tracking systems can be installed in your vehicles and accessed with your smartphones. Many businesses have started investing in GPS vehicle tracking apps to manage their logistics and visualize operations in real-time. If you’re looking forward to developing a GPS tracking app, then it will be a highly profitable business idea as there is a rapid change in the fleet management industry.

Top 5 Vehicle Tracking Apps

  1. Vyncs GPS Tracker
  2. MOTOsafety GPS Tracker
  3. Bouncie
  4. SpyTec STI GL300 GPS Tracker
  5. Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker

Revenue Generation Models For Your Mobile App

In-App Advertising

Advertising is considered the finest way to earn money from mobile apps. It is the easiest and most common strategy for making money. In-App Advertising works by selling data-driven space for advertising within the app through a mobile ad partner. The developers will display ads within the application, and advertisers will pay every time an ad is displayed.

Subscription Model

The subscription strategy is the most useful app monetization strategy. In the subscription model, the user will be charged a certain amount of money on a regular basis, monthly, quarterly or yearly. And also, users are given a trial period before getting to the subscription.

This revenue model is best suited for entertainment and news apps where users are provided with the content for which they have taken a subscription.

Freemium Model

The Freemium model allows users to use the application for free. It offers two types of features: Basic ones that are free to use and Premium ones that include the advanced features that the user requires a purchase to access.

Paid Apps

Apart from the free apps option, another popular monetization method is the Paid Apps. In Paid Apps, the users are requested to pay money to download the app, after which they can access all the features of the app and do much more the app offers. Moreover, for the paid apps, the application should be outstanding and offer some amazing features that excite the audience to buy the paid application.

Data Monetization Model

This model includes selling users' data to institutions, marketers, organizations, or third parties to earn revenue. Although it doesn't sound right and ethical, it's a legal way of making money. Sensitive information like credit/debit card details or account numbers is not shared. All the data is impersonated.


This was the rundown of the best, most versatile mobile application startup ideas for 2022 to 2023. We trust you will feel glad to pick any of these mobile app ideas and thoughts and start building up your dream application.

Having an extraordinary application thought is only a child venture when making an application stage. However, just ideas are not enough, and you will have to consider many things like the cost of development, technologies, and tools required, and study the market requirements before publishing your idea into reality.

What conveys the thought ahead is its execution, and above all, having the correct individuals at the ideal time to meet your necessities. Find the best app developing company that understands your ideas for mobile apps and applies the latest technology to ensure the success of your application.

Take the next steps! Contact Webs Optimization today.

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