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🚀 Build Scalable Android Apps with our Android App Development Services

Your mobile app is the best way to reach out to millions of customers around the world. At WebsOptimaion, we help you harness the power of the mobile opportunity for your business growth. We help you build scalable, robust, secure, and performant Android applications.

With Android app development services from WebsOptimization, you can get the Android app that will fit your requirements. From simple apps to multi-functional apps, WebsOptimization's android app development services help you build and launch an intuitive app within your desired timeline and budget.

Android UI/UX Design

Work with our experienced UI/UX design experts and create an appealing user experience for your Android App to keep your users engaged.

Android App Consulting Services

Planning to launch an Android app soon? Get expert consultation to pick the right development methodology, optimize for efficiency, performance, and successfully launch an app that users love.

Custom Android Development

Do you have a meticulous plan to create the perfect Android app based on your business model? Hire our Android app developers to bring your vision to life.

Android App Support & Maintenance

Need technical support for your Android application? Hire our experts to take care of your app health and performance to make sure your users never feel abandoned.

Android Marketplace App Development

Planning to launch a marketplace app in F&B, handyman, FinTech, or any other industry? We've got enormous experience in launching successful Android-based marketplace apps. Talk to our experts and get a free consultation.

Android App Testing

Do you have an already developed mobile app that needs quality assurance for better user-experience? Our Android testing specialists will test and review your app improving the user experience and eliminating any bugs to ensure it's flawless.

Why Launch an Android App? Reach Millions with The Most Popular OS on the Planet

Your customers are using the most popular mobile platform on the planet, i.e. Android. Developing an Android app in this scenario helps you attract a large number of users and increase your ROI.

Moreover, Android apps are easy, more affordable, and faster to create and launch, too. Being the most popular open-source OS platform, the apps can be easily developed, maintained, and updated, without a lot of fuss or effort.


Ease of Integration

The flexibility and simplicity of Android mean you can integrate multiple app parts seamlessly. This is a great boon for developers as it saves time and money.



Android is open source which means the code is freely available for developers. It also means Android is free from closed-source code, which makes it less costly and safer to develop.


Wide Distribution

Google's Play Store is the largest app distribution platform and allows developers to distribute their apps. This means that the apps you develop and launch will be accessible to users all over the world


Ease of Development

As the platform is widely supported by Google, it facilitates easy code development, which makes it user friendly. Developers can create apps at a much faster rate than on any other platform.


Enormous Use Cases

Android is developed by Google and used for smartphones, tablets, TVs, smartwatches, wearables, and other devices. Hence, apps developed for Android have plenty of use cases and business applications.

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The Synergy Between WebsOptimization and Android: A guaranteed path to success We've Built Successful Mobile Apps Across All Industry Segments

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From idea to launch, know what's going on, at every point. We believe clear communication makes strong partnerships.

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Post-Launch Support

Finished doesn’t mean over for us. Get 120 days of free support to ensure everything runs smoothly.


Quality Over Quantity

Our dev team isn’t just big; it’s also skilled. We’re picky in our hiring so you get top-notch code. Multiple rounds of interviews before hiring and senior-level monitoring of code make it possible.


Daily Updates

No more guessing games. Get daily reports that show exactly what we did today and what’s up next.


Direct Access

Skip the middleman. Talk directly to the devs and managers working on your project for quicker updates.


Expert Consultation

Benefit from our experience of working over 250+ projects across multiple industries. Get free advice and tips to reduce costs, save time, and make your project even better.

our process Get our Expert Android Developers to Work On Your Project in 5 Simple Steps

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The time required to develop an Android application can vary significantly based on several factors. These include the complexity of your app, its features, the design. The development process begins with a discovery phase, where we gather the necessary information from you to build the right product. Once we know what you want, we'll provide a detailed timeline for android app development.

If you want to save time and money while developing an Android app, hiring an offshore app development agency based in India is the best way. Indian developers are known to be the best in terms of code quality, communication, and real-time updates. So, you save time trying to find and hire quality developers and can spend all your efforts managing things that are more important to your business growth and development.

The distinction between native and hybrid Android apps is simple – native apps are apps that use the Android SDK and run on a native operating system, whereas hybrid apps are the ones that run on a web-based environment. So, if you want to create a native Android app, you should stick to using the SDK. If you want to create a hybrid Android app, you need to use a web-based framework like React Native or Flutter.

In Android app development, the costing is based on various factors such as the application type, complexities, and UI/UX design. As we gain a detailed understanding of your specific needs, we can provide you with a detailed estimate and timeline.

WebsOptimization also extends the option to hire a dedicated team of Android developers. You have the flexibility to select a dedicated development team, pay on an hourly basis, receive a fixed-price quotation, or establish a customized development proposal. Please refer to our Hire Us page for a detailed listing of engagement models for android app development.

When it comes to Android app development, you have a lot of options available. Depending on the complexity of the app, you can choose to hire a dedicated team of developers, pay on an hourly basis, get a fixed-price quote, or finalize a custom development quote. Check our Hire Us page for a complete list of engagement models for app development.

Our team uses a wide variety of tools to streamline and expedite development cycles, from agile project management and task automation to code generation and testing automation. Our team uses agile project management tools like Trello, Jira, Github, Skype, Google Chat and Slack for effective communication and collaboration during the entire development cycle. But we are open to using Jira or any other project management tools that you've been using in-house.

Our development methodology consists of three basic steps — ideation, design, and development. We start with ideation, where we help you understand your requirements and come up with a solution, design, where we design the solution based on your requirements; and finally, development, where we develop, test, deploy, and monitor the system to ensure the maximum return on investment.

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