How to Develop a Voice Chat Social Media App like Clubhouse?

The audio-based social media app Clubhouse has won so much attention in this digital trend since it was launched. The new revolution in this voice chat app made many companies take a fresh look at how to build an app like Clubhouse? As a result, the Clubhouse app became a worldwide hit and has been listed as the best voice chat apps in 2021.

Though the concept of audio chatting isn't newly introduced, Clubhouse rejuvenated it and made many companies think again about it and hop in the trend.

Wondering how to build an app like Clubhouse? Planning to build a Clubhouse alternative but stuck with its cost?

This article will clear all your doubts, breaking down the estimated cost, features, and benefits to create an app like Clubhouse.

What is Clubhouse and How Does it Work?

The Clubhouse is an audio-chat social media app that appeared in March 2020. The audio messaging app lets users join rooms and communicate with one another through voice chats.

This application combines conference calls and podcasts where users can share their thoughts, ideas, podcasts, and many things on the platform. It is like listening to a live radio show. There is no recording feature in the app, so all the Clubhouse app conversations can be listen-only during live sessions.

The thing that made this platform unique was the clubhouse app invite. Earlier the app was in beta and required an invite to join, but now it has ended the waiting list and invite system and is open to everyone.

Top Features to Include in Voice Chat App

Voice Chat

Voice Chat

The voice chatting feature should be fully functional in a voice chat app like Clubhouse. It should have all the controls related to audio settings like mute/unmute, volume control, playback speed, noise removal, etc.

Search Functionality

Search Functionality

The search functionality allows user to search for different rooms according to their interest and connect in the conversation.

User Profile

User Profile

Here the user adds a real name, uploads a profile picture, and writes a description to the profile. The user can also link social media accounts to the profile section.

Virtual Rooms

Virtual Rooms

Rooms are where all the discussions take place. Users can create and view rooms or join in an existing room. Rooms can be of three types: open, private, and only friends.



The club feature is almost similar to the various social media groups. The user can join particular clubs matching his interest and find similar people. Users can also view and add members to the clubs and recommend topics for the discussion.

Push notifications

Push notifications

When the person you follow creates a room, the user will get a popup notification like other social media handles.

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How to Build an App like Clubhouse?

Clubhouse voice chat is becoming a popular name and gaining momentum in the app development market. As a result, many entrepreneurs are rethinking the concept of developing a Clubhouse alternative and finding the right approach to target the audience.

Here are some basic steps you can consider while developing an audio chat app like Clubhouse.

Build an App like Clubhouse

Conduct Market Research

Market research should be conducted in the most effective way to build a strong foundation for your product. Conducting thorough market research will develop an extensive understanding of the customer's behavioral trends to create a real problem solver app that competes with the market.

All the insights gathered from the research will help in setting up some innovative strategies for your business. Also, finding the weak points in a competitor's business model will help implement a new vision in your app to get a competitive advantage to build an app like Clubhouse.

To understand the viability of your product, consider researching these aspects-

  • What is the need for your product?
  • What will be your business model?
  • How will you gather an audience?
  • What will be your marketing strategy?

Select Monetization Model

The app monetization model refers to how businesses generate revenue from their app in the app store. Some companies generate incomes right from the start, while others generate profits after a certain number of app downloads.

The app business model should be adjusted accordingly to get back the investments. Your monetization strategy should satisfy the user's requirements, so you'll need to figure out how to make users pay for your application.

There are different revenue models you can implement in your application -

  • Paid subscription
  • Freemium
  • Cost per click
  • In-app purchase
  • Cost per action and many others.

Hire App Developers

You're thinking of building an outstanding app that competes with market terms but have no idea how to build an app like Clubhouse? Then, you'll require a professional team of developers who are well-versed in mobile app technologies to get the job done for you.

The hired app developer team will have great experience working under such situations, ensuring the app's quality and productivity.

There are three ways you can hire an app developer-

Hire In-House

In-House development refers to hiring permanent staff members from within the organization to work on the specified project only. Here no external help is required. Everything is done with the experts available In-house.

Hire Freelancer

Another option is to hire a freelancer developer. You can find a wide range of freelancers from various freelancing platforms who are ready to work with lower-cost budgets.

Hire an Outsourcing company

Hiring an outsourcing team is considered the most effective solution for entrepreneurs. Here the entire project is outsourced to the third-party software developers on a contractual basis.

Create MVP

MVP is the basic version of an application that validates the product idea in the product development lifecycle without actually building the entire product.

In the initial stage to make an app like Clubhouse, you should first consider launching an MVP product before the main app's release, which will help you get insights into how the product will perform in the market and minimize the time and resources required to create a clubhouse app.

Once the MVP is launched, you can improve the product by adding more features suitable for the full value product.


Mobile app testing has become a critical part of the modern technological atmosphere. With new business popping up every day, the aim is not just to launch a new product for the industry, but it's how the product performs in the digital space and what experience it provides to the users.

Before launching the product in the market, a quality test is necessary to ensure no bugs are left in the app. In addition, testing will help save time in the long run and confirm that the software runs as per the expectations.

Advantages of testing-

  • Identify bugs
  • Improves overall quality of the product
  • Avoids extra cost
  • Boost performance of the product
  • User Satisfaction


Once the testing phase of your product is finished, the product is ready to be published to the app stores.

But, for many new businesses, launching the product and attracting an audience base has become an increasingly difficult task because of the competitive market. So to increase the chances of success, there should be a proper launch strategy that will drive more downloads and maintain high user engagement to your app.

Steps to successful app launch -

  • Identify target audience
  • Register your domain
  • Publish a landing page
  • Study the app submission guidelines
  • Create app launch campaign
  • Select the app store.

Collect Feedbacks

The best way an app can get success in the market is through customer satisfaction. Hence, in building a successful mobile app it’s essential to gather feedback from the users constantly. Collecting valuable user feedback will help improve the app's performance and deliver a great application that satisfies the user’s requirements. The feedback will not only improve the user experience but will also increase user engagement with the app.

But, don't directly jump in collecting the feedback. First, you should have a clear goal about your app and what type of feedback you will be collecting from the users.

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How Much Does an App like Clubhouse Cost?

Every business owner expects affordable rates for their app development project. But to build your own clubhouse-like app the prices vary depending on the advanced features they include in the app.

Clubhouse App Development Cost

There are mainly five factors that impact the app development price:

Feature Complexity

The total number of features and functionalities included in the app will decide the cost structure of the app. More features will result in an increase in cost.

UI/UX Design

The cost estimation also differs depending on the UI and UX of the app. To attract a larger audience group, designers put much effort into developing an attractive and appealing app, which increases the app's price.

Platform and Device

When you opt for app development, you'll have to select a platform like Android or iOS on which you would like your app to function on. But each platform has its own set of complexities. And when it comes to their development, the development cost varies for both platforms accordingly.

The other factor that needs to be considered is the device, whether you want the app to support Smartphones or tablets? Or support both?

Development Time

As you add more features to the app, the app development team will require more time to develop the app, and hence, it will affect the development time, and so will be the cost of the application.

Location of the Development Team

If you outsource the app development to a third party, the cost will vary depending on the development company's location and hourly rates.

More prominent companies will offer higher development rates based on their reputation, experience, and expertise.

Below we’ve provided an estimation of the average hourly rates for app development in various countries.

Cost of development in America

The average hourly rates of development in America is around $100 - $150 per hour.

If you want to develop an app like Clubhouse in America would somewhere cost you around $300,000 - $500,000.

Cost of development in Eastern Europe

The average hourly rates of development in Eastern Europe is around $25 - $50 per hour.

To make an app like Clubhouse in Eastern Europe would somewhere cost you around $150,000 - $300,000.

Cost of development in India

The average hourly rates of app development in Asia is around $18 - $30 per hour.

To create a Clubhouse app in India would somewhere cost you around $25,000 - $100,000.

To build an app like Clubhouse with basic features (for a single platform) can cost around $20,000 - $28,000. However, the price can rise to $40,000 - $75,000 for advanced features with support for multiple platforms.

The Endnote

To sum up, the idea of clubhouse app development can be beneficial and profitable for many businesses.

Many large competitors like Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Linkedin, and others are looking forward to entering the space of audio chats. Therefore, this is the right time to invest in audio chat apps and build your own voice chat app like clubhouse.

All you need is to find the top app development company and start the app development without delay. so are you looking for experienced app development team? Contact us today & get a 30 minutes FREE consultation with our mobile app experts.

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