A Smart IoT enabled Application to Manage Calorie Intake and keep yourself Fit & Healthy

Weight Plate is an exceptional android application which is IoT(Internet of Things) enabled and which can be swiftly connected to a weighing device through Bluetooth connectivity that tracks your total calorie intake and guides you according to your fitness preferences. Whether you need to lose weight or get healthy, Weight Plate helps you completely.

Built for
Health & Fitness


  • Secure Login and Sign Up via Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Weight Plate allows users to create their profile and update it as per required.
  • This application is IoT enabled which uses Bluetooth connectivity to easily get connected to a Food Weighing device by which you can precisely get total calorie intake.
  • Weight Plate uses Google Fit to effortlessly track user activity and gives brief information regarding user Activities and Calorie burn by synchronizing User's real-time Google fit Data.
  • Large Food Database which includes the maximum number of food items and Swedish cuisine.
  • Allows you to Manage Daily Food Diary for Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, and Dinner
  • Manage your Fitness Goals.Also allows you to Update Fitness Goals whenever required.
  • Mange Food Wastage Log and helps you to understand better by graphical representation.
  • Weight Plate Provides you Health Tips which can help you to get healthier and Fit physique


Weight Plate gets easily connected to food weighing device through Bluetooth connectivity as this application uses IoT technology, and this amazing weighing device enables you to get precise calorie intake for a particular food product. This amazing facility helps you to reach your goal swiftly.


Just Two Clicks Away from Fit and Healthy Body

Weight Plate Allows you to set your Weekly goals by just answering two simple Questions and helps you to plan your Calorie intake According to your fitness preference.

The Smartest way to Manage your Goal

Weight Plate enables you to Easily Manage your Goal as it precisely Calculates How much Calories you shouldintake daily to successfully achieve your Goal.


With Weight Plate
Know how Active you are?

Weight Plate Effortlessly tracks any activity. As you walk, run, throughout the day and gives you a brief about total calories you lost.

Maintain a Detailed Diary for your Food Intake

Weight Plate enables you to maintain a detailed diary for your everyday food intake for Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, and Dinner . Accordingly, it will automatically calculate the total Calorie taken and helps you to know the remaining calories you should intake per day to achieve your Goal Successfully.

Manage Food Wastage with Weight Plate

Mange Food Wastage Log and helps you to understand better by graphical representation.

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