How much does it cost to build an Uber-like app for handyman services?

The gig economy is flourishing day by day. Topped with the growing popularity of on-demand services, there is massive scope in the handyman services sector. With increased penetration of smartphones, users nowadays keep looking for convenience in ordering food, availing services and raising requests, as and when required.

The two-sided service model, i.e. where service providers and end-customers can connect with each other is the base of an app like uber for handyman services. Handyman services are generally home services that people require to keep everything in good shape at their home or office.

The global home services market is expected to reach USD 1133.40 bn by 2026 while growing at a CAGR of 18.91%.

Global Home Services Market Demand

Creating an app like Uber for handyman services makes sense in the current context owing to growing demand and rise in the usage of smartphones. In this blog, let us enlighten you about the concept and what will it cost to build your own uber-like app for offering handyman services.

Why Are On-demand Handyman Service Apps Becoming Popular?

The on-demand sector is experiencing a boom at present owing to the push it received from technology. Globally, the app-powered on-demand segment is revolutionizing the economies, empowering small players and service providers to reach out to their customers in a better way.

While it is beneficial for service providers at one end, the growing ease of accessing services is making such apps popular among the end-users too.

The simple operational model where users post their requests and service providers can instantly accept the request further increases the popularity of uber-like handyman apps. Just like Uber, where drivers are service providers and passengers are the people looking for ride services, a handyman services app connects users to the local service provider without the fuss of searching for the right person.

Advantages of Handyman App for an End-user

  • Saves time
  • Increases convenience
  • Verified handyman service providers
  • Cashless payment facilitation
  • On-demand availability

Benefits of Launching a Handyman App for an Entrepreneur

  • Higher revenues owing to the growing popularity of the on-demand model
  • Convenient and automated operations owing to tech-powered model
  • Multiple revenue streams: onboarding fee, convenience charges, service commissions
  • Rapidly progressing segment creating greater avenues for growth

Features Essential for Success of App Like Uber for Handyman Services

If the growing segment appeal you and you are already planning to make an app like Uber for handyman services, you need to be strategic in your approach from the beginning. You need to plan things right, research about user requirements and see what competitors are already offering. Well, the first step towards creating a handyman service app is to finalize on the features your app should have.

Finalizing the features in the beginning is really essential as it would determine the investment, the team required and the shape your app would acquire over time. Also, you need to focus on all the three segments – the end-users (who will avail the services), handyman (service providers) as well as the administrators (who will own & operate the app i.e.). Here are some of the fundamental features every handyman app should have.

Features for Service Providers
  • Central Dashboard
  • User Management
  • Fee & Pricing Management
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Handyman Management
Features for Admin
  • Service Request Tracking
  • Service Offering Listing & Updates
  • Service Profile Management
  • Fee Management
  • Ratings & Review Management
Features for End-users
  • Independent Marketplace for Finding Service Providers
  • Reviews & Ratings System
  • Booking a Service
  • In-app Chat Feature
  • In-app Payment Facilitation Service
  • Service Provider Tracking
  • Booking History
  • Help & Support
  • Service Invoices
  • Push Notifications for Real-time Updates

Tech Stack Required for an App Like Uber for Handyman

Now that you know the features your app should have the next decision should be regarding the tech stack, you’ll use for developing the app. If you don’t have a technical background, it is highly recommended that you on board an expert app development team at this stage.

Even if you are proficient in app development, donning the entrepreneurial hat would keep you occupied with other business matters. So, its best for the app development process to hire dedicated developers for developing an app like Uber for handyman services.

A professional team would guide you efficiently on the next app development steps and the tech stack suitable for your business model. Here is what we recommend for helping you get started with a tech stack decision:

React Native
React Native

How much will it cost to build an app like Uber for handyman?

Once you are done with the planning and technical aspects, you will have a pretty basic idea on how you will move ahead with app development part. This will also help you finalize a budget for app development. Developing an app is a subjective process and the cost would be determined by the features you with to have, the tech stack you use and the team you have with you.

It is advisable to talk to your development team or take the opinion of an expert app development company to come at a broad estimate for ios and android app development. An expert opinion would help you avoid contingencies at later stages and ensure everything is streamlined right from the beginning.

Wrapping Up : App for Handyman Services

Launching an app like Uber for handyman services is an extremely profitable business idea, at present. With the growing demand for on-demand services and increasing aspiration of users to get access to solutions, conveniently, launching an app connecting them to service providers is a great idea. If you are also planning to realize your dream of becoming an entrepreneur through the app route, this might be your best chance of succeeding.

Our expert consultants can help you refine your idea and transform into reality by using our past experience and tech expertise. We have helped several startups in launching dedicated mobile apps like uber for handyman services in the past making us capable of enriching your idea with useful insights. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our experts today.

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