Key Features

  • Secure user login and sign up
  • Login and Sign up via Facebook
  • Display all registered online users on the map
  • Invite multiple users to ride
  • Send/receive ride invitation
  • Connect to other registered bikers
  • Send/receive friend request
  • Benefit programs
  • View and update profile
perfect bike ride with Biker app

Innovative Digital Solution For Bikers

Ride with Biker

Tired of waiting for your fellow riders when you have planned a ride?

Biker helps you to find out who is available to Ride along. Invite multiple registered users to ride.

Ride Invitation

Rider allows you to Send/Receive ride invitations which gives you a detailed perception about the ride meet spot, ride destination, number of bikers who rejected the ride and the total number of riders accepted the ride.

Biker also allows you to Accept/Reject Ride Invitation.

Route Planning

Biker allows you to set a meetup spot for all the invited riders, by simply dragging the pin and selecting a meeting location on the map. Similarly, it allows you to set the destination of the ride.

Know your fellow riders’ current location

As you start the ride, Biker tracks your fellow riders on the map and helps you to know their current location.

Benefit Programs by Biker

Biker provides exclusive offers to its members through benefit programs. This amazing application suggests relevant places where riders can get special discounts during the Ride. Biker allows its user to view a detailed description of the benefit program in the app.

Bikers app for Android and iOS

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