Key Features

  • Secure Login/Sign up via Twitter, Gmail & Facebook
  • Multilingual Site that offers content in English and Arabic.
  • Subscription via Multiple payment gateways like Bank Transfer, Card Payment & Paypal.
  • Offers large question bank which is sorted in a categorized manner according to different subjects which helps students to develop the skills they need.
  • Allows Online Quiz with Timer-Count.
  • At the completion of the quiz, it provides a detailed evaluation of the test specifying total time taken to complete the test, No. of incorrect answers, and rating.
  • Allow users to share Quiz result on Twitter.
online quiz platform

Project Overview

The client, a prominent e-learning startup based in Saudi Arabia, wanted to build an online quiz platform for students. The client had a huge database of learning material for competitive exams in Saudi Arabia. They wanted to incorporate an online quiz with detailed reports to help students prepare better.

Team WebsOptimization helped them launch an online exam portal that emulated an online mock examination scenario. The portal enabled students to take a mock exam and get detailed results with analytics about their performance.


Though the solution appeared simple, yet, building an eLearning platform with an online quiz comes with its own challenges. First, the examination pattern for competitive examination in Saudi Arabia was quite complicated and different from general patterns.

The client also needed a powerful admin panel that allowed them to manage a dynamic data bank. Another challenge was related to the creation of a detailed performance report in real-time.

All these challenges were easily tackled owing to our previous experience in developing e-learning solutions for our clients.


After analyzing the competitive examination structure for Saudi Arabia, we developed an admin panel first of all.

The admin panel allowed the client’s team to manage the question bank, competitive examination catalog, manage chapters, and create unlimited dynamic quizzes for any competitive examination.

The exams were categorized to cover different subjects of quantitative and verbal ability tests for holistic examination preparation.

An intuitive end-user interface was designed for students that allowed them to take mock examinations for any competitive preparation. The platform provided a detailed evaluation of performance, including:

  • Total time taken to complete the test
  • No. of incorrect/correct answer
  • Ratings
  • Detailed explanation for each incorrect answer
  • Average time per question

The detailed statistical report helps a student improve their performance and do better in real-life examinations. Users can also share their exam results on Twitter.

Know Your Statistics

Qiyas gives you a detailed statistics of your performance and helps to enhance and improve your performance. It enables users to get information about the total no. of questions attempted from the question bank and no of questions which are unsolved.

It also gives students a detailed report of Correct answers & Incorrect answers. It also acknowledges users with the Total time taken to solve all the attempted question and it also shows what is the user’s average time per question. This statistical report help users to enhance their performance.

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