Ionic Vs. React Native - Choose the Best for Hybrid App Development in 2023

To develop your own mobile app, no doubt, you will make no compromise to pick up the best technology. As the current trend suggests, the popularity war would be between React Native and Ionic to be your preferred framework. No doubt, both of them have great coding languages. It’s not an easy choice to pick one between them. So, you have to make a choice wisely. Let’s see a brief overview of Ionic & React Native; then it would be easy for you to decide which one fits you the best?

React Native

An Overview of React Native - Mobile App Development Framework

React Native is developed by a software engineer at Facebook. Using React Native framework, the top applications like Facebook, Skype, Instagram etc. are developed. It is mainly based on JavaScript & allows developers to build mobile apps for iOS and Android using JavaScript. It allows developers to utilize the existing code.

Pros/Advantages/Strong Points of React Native framework :

  • Great Response Time.
  • Uses Native UI Components.
  • Reusable Codes.
  • Open Source & Powerful Performance.
  • More stable & easier to maintain.
  • Powerful Performance
  • Easy to integrate native features
  • Easy to separate specific features for ios and android in short time without a need to write whole code again.
  • Large community for ready node package using that we can make fast development and cost-effective.
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An Overview of Ionic - Mobile App Development Framework

Ionic is an HTML5 mobile app development framework which is designed to build hybrid mobile apps. This cross-platform framework works with the help of gadgets like PhoneGap and Cordova and links the gap of the non-native app.

The main motto of the Ionic Framework is – “Write Once and Run Everywhere.

Pros/Advantages/Strong Points of Ionic Framework :

  • Designed with native-styled UI elements.
  • Has a rich set of innovative features such as mobile components, typography, interactive paradigms, and an extensible base theme, etc.
  • Expertise in the advanced technologies such as CSS, HTML AngularJS or Javascript components.
  • Open Source SDK.
  • Easily maintainable & Scalable.
  • Easily readable & free.
  • Write Once, Run everywhere.

Now we will compare both of the Mobile App Frameworks on the basis of features and performance. Let’s have a look at it -

The difference between Ionic and React Native :

SubjectIonic frameworkReact Native Framework
LanguageExpertise over Typescripts such as CSS, HTML AngularJS or Javascript componentsBased on mainly Javascript, node.js will helpful more.
CodeOpen source code &reusableAdapting code to every platform
App PerformanceUses WebViewNo Usage of WebView. So, the code performance is better than Ionic.
Mobile Application TypeHybrid Mobile App Development FrameworkIt’s similar to a native app, the end-user will not get an idea it is hybrid app.
Supported PlatformsAndroid and iOSAndroid and iOS
User ExperienceModerate Performance compared to React Native FrameworksExtremely fast & responsive user experience
TestingIonic testing can be performed in any browserTo perform, React Native requires a device or an emulator
Hardware AccessibilityNeeds the help of tools like PhoneGap and CordovaHas enough Capability to perform without any external dependency
TimeTakes less time than react NativeTakes More Time
BudgetIt is the same cost as like React NativeSame cost as like Ionic but better performance compare to Ionic
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CONCLUSION: Ionic Vs. React Native

Let’s decide which one is the best, Iconic or React Native.

Both the frameworks have their own advantages, though we strongly believe React Native offers a better application development experience as it is extremely fast & responsive.

React Native & Iconic both being proficient framework is time and cost-effective. However, React Native is most suitable for each app development whether it is a startup or an enterprise-level app development. React Native offers a similar experience to Native app development and thus it’s an appropriate pick when compared to the Iconic framework.

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