What You Need to Know Before Food Delivery App Development?

“People want honest, flavourful food, not some show-off meal that takes days to prepare.” -Ted Allen

Of course, everyone loves the food that actually diminishes the hunger that too with fewer efforts. Food ordering app development has introduced us to some amazing apps like Doordash, UberEats, and Postmates which are nothing less than an endowment for all the food lovers as well as this busy society.

Due to their high level of food ordering convenience and reliability, on-demand food delivery apps are dominating the app market greatly and thereby raised the demand for food delivery app development solutions worldwide and industrialists are looking for best food delivery app development company to get these on-demand app solutions.

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to enter the app economy then food ordering app is what you should go for. Further, in this blog, we will help you to understand each and every aspect of this economy so that you can successfully build an on-demand food delivery app and win the market.

Let’s begin our discussion :

Grand and Positive Impact Of On-Demand Food Delivery Apps

  • In one of the survey conducted by Statista, some U.S. consumers were asked how regularly they use on-demand food delivery services and over 20% of them said that they have used on-demand food delivery services once for every week.
  • Moreover, 48% of U.S. consumers stated that they like and enjoy using on-demand food delivery services.
  • The worldwide revenue of online food delivery market amounts to US$96,235m in 2018.
  • Further, according to a forecast by Statista report, in the UAE alone, the food delivery app economy will be valued at around 13.2 billion U.S. dollars by 2018.

(Source: www.statista.com)

Benefits of Food Ordering App Development

  • Online Presence : As we are living in the digital era, all businesses must adopt digital solutions. If you have a restaurant or wish to start the one then having an online existence is important for you, as the majority of the population spend much of their time on the Smartphone and Internet. Food delivery apps aid you to build an online presence and enable you to reach each and every segment of the world.
  • Better ROI : When you have a strong online presence you have more chances to improve ROI. food delivery apps allows you to offer a reliable and quick food service and some loyalty points to the customers. Due to this you can have a good impact on customers making them to use your services over and over as well as refer them to their friends. All these things contribute to improved income and ROI of your startup.
  • Improved Customer Experience : Anyone will love to get their favorite food delivered at their home and that also quickly. This is the area where on-demand food ordering app wins. Having a food ordering app ensures the full customer satisfaction. Further some extra features like offers and discounts, loyalty points etc. enhance the customer experience and motivate them to regularly order from your app.
  • Increased Customer Base : Currently, there are about 2.53 billion Smartphone users, which mean you will have a big audience for your food delivery app. Moreover, many people tend to order their food online instead of going physically to the restaurant, thus having a food delivery app is verybeneficial for your restaurant business.
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Best On-Demand Food Delivery App Development Ideas

Healthy Food Delivery

Healthy Food Delivery

Getting food in a convenient and quick manner is the need of everyone in this busy lifestyle. Thus making an on-demand food delivery app would be a great decision ever. You can opt for on-demand app development and build a food delivery app that will let people find out their nearby restaurant easily and order their favorite dish easily. UberEats is the best example you can consider for this type of on-demand service.

Office Food Delivery

Office Food Delivery

This is another business idea in on-demand food delivery sector that you can establish with very little investment. Office people have a really busy lifestyle and don’t have time to prepare their food on their own. Your on-demand office meal delivery service will be a great endowment for these individuals. You just have to build an app where people can place the orders and even make the payments.

Organic Food Delivery APP

Organic Food Delivery APP

As people are getting more conscious about their health, the demand for the organic products is growing day by day. So this could be an opportunity for you. Just build your on-demand food ordering app and according to your investment ability you can start the business in a limited territory initially. Using your app customers can search for their needed organic food and get it delivered to their doorstep.

Pizza Delivery

Pizza Delivery

If you want to start an food delivery startup for a single food product then Pizza is the one that you should go for. Online Pizza ordering and delivery is one of the most successful delivery business ideas worldwide. You have two options: either establish the business by owning a franchise of a popular pizza brand or set up your own pizza business. You can also offer many other items like snacks and cold drinks.

Restaurant Food Delivery

Restaurant Food Delivery

Just like other food delivery services like Zomato, you can also initiate a food delivery business where various restaurants will collaborate and register. You need to create food delivery app and ask every restaurant to register their name on your app. Here, customers will have several alternatives to choose their favorite menu or restaurant from. You only need to deliver the order at your client’s doorstep.

Home Made Food Delivery App

Home Made Food Delivery App

Homemade food this is the major need of the people who live alone for work or other reasons. An on-demand homemade food delivery service will be a life saviour for them. You can start your venture with this model. Customers will order food with your app and you have to deliver the food to them at their convenient place.

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Effective and Essential Features for your Food Delivery App

Customer app

  • Easy login
  • Smart Search
  • Order Tracking
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Schedule Order
  • Re-Order
  • Takeaway Option
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Promos & Offers
  • Manage Profile
  • Help & Support

Restaurant app

  • Manage Business Info
  • Manage Menu
  • Order Alerts
  • Manage Orders
  • Track Payments
  • Reply To Reviews
  • Manage Promos
  • Customer Details
  • Get Insights
  • Help & Support

Admin app

  • Restaurant Management
  • Menu Management
  • Order Management
  • Customer Management
  • Feedback Management
  • Offers Management
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Notifications Management
  • Payments & Commissions


  • In-app Chat
  • Customer Support Integration
  • Logistics Integration
  • User Feed
  • Website Ordering
  • Social Media Integration

How Much Does It Cost To Build An On-Demand Ordering Delivery App Like ?

After getting all the know-how of on-demand food app development, your next concern would be regarding the cost needed to build an app. The cost to create an on-demand food delivery app like Postmates, Zomato, UberEats would vary according to several aspects like:

  • The complexity of the app
  • Number of advanced features
  • Technologies you use
  • The food delivery app development company or developer you are hiring

Besides these aspects, the food delivery app development price would also depend on the number of hours needed for each development phase such as:

Task / DescriptionHours (Approx.)
Planning40 Hrs
Visual Prototype60 Hrs
Android Application250 to 320 Hrs
IOS Application300 - 350 Hrs
Design100 - 130 Hrs
Back-end development300 Hrs
Develop Hybrid Application with React-native(It include Android and iOS both application)400 - 450 Hrs


Making on-demand food delivery apps like Postmates, UberEats, or Zomato is not a walk in the park as these giants have already set a strong benchmark for entrepreneurs like you. However with the help of this guide, powerful on-demand food delivery app development solutions and best food delivery app development company you can definitely achieve the same success as of these food giants. Webs Optimization is a highly experienced food delivery app development company who is well-acquainted with the functionality and key behind the success of the popular food delivery apps like Zomato, Swiggy, UberEats etc. Webs Optimization will perfectly assist you to bring your food delivery app idea into reality. so let's connect and build your own app today.

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