Top 10 Mobile App Development Trends That Will Rule in 2022

In this epoch, mobile applications render remarking opportunities to diverse sectors and entrepreneurs by doing justifiable investments. Undeniably the mobile app development trend is striding by at a backbreaking pace and therefore, every year numerous of trends come and go.

As per Statista, it is predictable that by the end of 2022, mobile apps will be able to create a voluminous amount of global revenue.

2020 is about to end; the upcoming year is all set to embrace the new technology in mobile application development.

Let’s have a deeper insight into the brand new mobile app development trends and also of a huge upgrade from what users are already using which will set to go a notch higher.

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Internet of things(IoT)

IOT stands for Internet Of Things .It connects any physical object with your mobile app and can exchange the information.

It contains all the web-enabled devices that collect, send and act on data they bring in from their surrounding environments using inserted sensors, processors and communication hardware.

So it is irrefutable that IOT has already secured its place in the list of latest tot app development trends for 2022 as every retail sector, real-estate industry, development of smart cities, parking lots, schools etc. utilize its power.

The news was flashing, in which it was evident that developers are working to incur automation as well which will eventually help IOT to gain more ground and will take guard further up.

Internet of things

IOT will not only be a boon for the schools but will also help in solving the traffic problems. Probing further with the smart home and the healthcare sector will also be benefited as the doctors will be able to get more accurate outcomes.

For example: You can turn on and off the lights and fan of your home or office, with your mobile app as well as you can lock and unlock the door of your home with your mobile application and without having a key it makes things more easy and secure also.

Augmented Reality

The little brother of VR-AR (Augmented reality) will rule the coming epoch of 2022. Google and Apple are the best epitomizes that are making it evident that AR will be the ruling rooster of 2022.


Talking about gaming sector, the clear example of AR was that of the Pokémon Go and if look towards the social media, giants like Snapchat and Instagram are also proving the fact right that AR is the best tool for social media campaigns and to turn any human face into a digital character.


As per Statista, chatbots are predicted to grow from 190.8 million (2016) to 1250 million (2020) as the little assistants inside the apps. Without any intricate coding, one can easily add the chat bots to the applications which will enhance the user interface.

Not only this, but these virtual assistants will definitely become a vital part of most of the on-demand apps.

So let’s get ready to experience the new success stories written by these chatbots. Siri is, in fact, one of the prevalent pieces of evidence why chatbots cannot be separated now in 2022.


As we are heading towards new and state of the art technologies, wearable is the next digital weapon that will give an edge over others.

Undeniably, they are helpful in every walk of life, be it your gym or cycling etc. and as per the statistics, the popularity of wearable will hike by 35% in the coming year and will be visible on many fronts.


This mobile app development trend 2021-2022 will surely help people more by helping them to keep a vulture eye on the health aspects including sugar levels, heart rate and so on.

On-Demand Apps

From last few years, we can see the sheer supremacy of on-demand among various businesses and sectors all over the world. Therefore, its popularity will definitely increase in the coming year and even after that.

Whether it's cab booking or food delivery, users just love the on-demand apps due to the easiness and promptness rendered by these apps. With such apps, it has become damn easy for the users to book and avail the services within the fraction of seconds by sitting at their own places.

On-Demand Apps

To crown it all, it is crystal clear that Future of Mobile Apps Development for Android and iPhone will never remain obsolete and stagnant. The mobile industry will keep on changing and new technologies and trends will keep captivating the users across the globe.

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With the advent of 5G apps, our mobile industry will be able to render 5G wireless to the users via the smartphones. This will not only enhance the user experience but will also expand the mobile application market.


The apps that take minutes to get downloaded will take the only a fraction of seconds in the future which means it will be 100 times more prompt than 4G.

Therefore, get ready to enjoy the all new functionalities and security in mobile apps.

To know more about the mobile app trends 2021-2022 and also about the mobile app development in 2022, Get in touch with us today. We will be happy to assist you!

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