When, Why & How Use Node.js as Your Back-end development

Productivity, speed and scalability are the synonyms for Node.js development platform. Node.js is a neutral language and this is the reason that it is also called the Switzerland of programming languages. Both the Java and .net developers can understand Node.js and can therefore easily deploy it on Windows as well as UNIX infrastructure. Uber, Walmart, LinkedIn platforms are build using Node.js because it has countless benefits and few constraints.

The main difference between JavaScript and Node.js is a different set of APIs and surprisingly Node.js comes up with numerous API which is suitable for the backend development like a stream, HTTP request code, support for file systems and much more.  Let's have a deep insight to know the reasons behind why Node.js is best for technical as well as business reasons!

  • The very first thing is that Node.js gives an immense boost to the developers to use the same language for both frontend and backend purposes which eventually makes the team more cross-functional and efficient. it is very easy to reuse and share the same code between backend and frontend parts of your application. You can even use typescript for both Node.js and Angularjs making things easier to manage for developers.
  • Node.js is known for its speed and event-driven architecture that helps in the development of a throughput and scalable application. Event loops are used in Node.js instead of threads or processes and these event loops exit when no callbacks are there to perform.
  • It is very handy in terms of high volume of IO bound requests. a single instance can support numerous requests using the same hardware which is like a blessing for the developers.
  • Furthermore, it allows the developers to write Javascript on both the server side as well as on the client side which means that similar patterns and even similar libraries can be used in some cases for both backend and frontend development. This is a big achievement when it comes to maintenance and developer productivity.
  • Being lightweight and fast, Node.js makes a great server side language for games. Games that require multiplayer or online connections can make use of Node.js
  • Node package manager (NPM) provides a number of libraries which can be used for performing various tasks. They are also very easy to install.

All in all, if you're using Node.js then, you are surely going to speed up your development process.  Not only this but it is very lightweight and efficient also which eventually open up the new avenues for the development. Due to all these reasons, many big companies have started trusting and using Node.js in the production.

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Node.js offers a perfect package and open source tools for the dedicated developers to consider when choosing perfect technology for a project.

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