How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Delivery App like Dunzo?

The whole world is now running online, especially after the COVID-19 outbreak. People have started to work, stay entertained and even ask for professional services online.

The usage of On-demand delivery services has leapfrogged in the recent times.

According to a report, users were spending $57.6 billion annually within the on-demand economy. Imagine the scenario now.

on-demand economy

In a world of on-demand apps, building a delivery app like Dunzo is a smart move.

As more and more users start distancing themselves from the world (owing to coronavirus scare), the demand is sure to shot up in the coming years.

Why On-demand Delivery App Development Makes Sense in the Post-COVID world?

Well, we all know the world we are living in. We are advised not to move around, practice social distancing and what not.

Coronavirus has seriously impacted the regular shopping patterns. People need services but are afraid to step out.

In this situation, on-demand delivery apps and platforms come as a savior for avid shoppers and even general people.

Here are a few more reasons for on-demand delivery app development currently:

A. Rise of Hyperlocal Delivery Startups

Hyperlocal delivery phenomenon is on the rise.

From on-demand food delivery to salon services and what not, people have clung to the idea of getting what they want, when they want at the click of a button.

B. Global Lockdown and Quarantine

Coronavirus has added another element to the equation.

From India to Italy, the USA to the UK, almost every country has implemented lockdown at some levels. People are staying at home more than ever.

Restrictions are making it harder for them to shop for groceries and get essential as well as luxury services. In such a situation, on-demand services and delivery services is their best hope.

C. Hygiene & Convenience Issues

Continuing the coronavirus discussion, it is now important for people to stay sanitized always. They don't want to step out in the public places to buy products or avail services.

Moreover, the convenience of getting everything at their home is slowly making people accustomed to on-demand delivery apps like Dunzo.

What is Dunzo & how an on-demand delivery app works?

Dunzo is a hyperlocal app-based service that allows users to hire people to run errands in and around the city.

In short, one can sign up at Dunzo, place a task request and get the work done. Think of it as a personal concierge. Forgot your tiffin box at home? Want to shop for something without moving outdoors? Place a request at Dunzo. Dunzo enables a user to outsource your odd jobs to someone who is willing to do that.

When a user creates a task request, the app algorithm connects him/her to the best partner for the job automatically based on location, user ratings and other parameters.


How an App like Dunzo Earns Revenues?

Mobile app ecosystem is ripe up with several potential revenue opportunities. When it comes to on-demand app development, you can think of create a business model around the following revenue streams:

  • Delivery Fee: Charging for delivery of orders from the customers directly.
  • Listing Fee/Special Rates: Charging listing fee from vendors and stores to get listed on the platform.
  • Marketing & Promotions: Charging marketing fee from vendors looking to expand reach and sales.
  • Exclusive Membership Programs: Creating paid loyalty programs and membership plans for customers.

Services Offered by an On-demand App like Dunzo

On-demand apps and startups deliver anything and everything – from food to groceries, medicines to packages and lot more.

Think of an on-demand service provider as a personal concierge.

An on-demand startup fulfils all desires of its customers. The on-demand delivery app can be transformed for any business model and can be used for:

  • On-demand food delivery
  • Grocery and essential goods delivery
  • Medicine delivery
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables delivery
  • On-demand salon services
  • On-demand luxury product delivery
  • Order delivery from specialty providers
  • On-demand health and wellness services

Must Have Features for an App Like Dunzo

You have the concept ready. You know what you want and have finalized your revenue model. Not the next step involves finalizing on the features an on-demand delivery app must have.

  • Smart Search

    Smart Search

  • Push Notification

    Push Notification

  • Real-Time Tracking

    Real-Time Tracking

  • Multiple Payment Gateways

    Multiple Payment Gateways

  • Reviews and Rating

    Reviews and Rating

  • Social Media Integration

    Social Media Integration

  • Help and Support

    Help and Support

Service Provider App
  • Accept & Reject Requests

    Accept & Reject Requests

  • Start & End Service

    Start & End Service

  • Track Income

    Track Income

  • Select The Schedule

    Select The Schedule

  • Place The Availability Status

    Place The Availability Status

  • Push Notification

    Push Notification

Admin app
  • Dashboard


  • Manage Users

    Manage Users

  • Manage Service Provider

    Manage Service Provider

  • Analytics & reports

    Analytics & reports

  • Manage pricing and commissions

    Manage pricing and commissions

Deciding features beforehand helps in finalizing the roadmap for on-demand delivery app development.

Innovative Features to Boost User Engagement

1. Interactive Live Chatbot

A chatbot can answer general user queries regarding product, service, deliveries, returns and a lot more.

Not only does it enhance the user experience but help in increasing engagement within the app. Chatbots can also be programmed to suggest, cross-sell and up-sell products or services.

2. Voice Skill

Voice search is picking up pace all around the globe.

With voice search being an important part of smartphones, creating a voice skill for your apps would allow your app to stay on top of your audience's mind.

3. Latest Tips, Trivia, Recipes, Suggestions & More

The world loves social feeds filled with relevant content. Having one within your on-demand app filled with latest tips, recipes, recommendations, etc. would make your app more interesting.

Technologies to Develop a Delivery App like Dunzo

React Native
React Native

Cost of developing an App like Dunzo

Dunzo has taken many communities by storm and has quickly scaled up operations.

You can also think of building an app like Dunzo and investing in on-demand app development. To give you an idea, an app like Dunzo would cost you anywhere between $3,000 to $10,000 USD

The cost of on-demand mobile app development depends on the features, complexity of the model as well as several other factors.

So, it is always better to discuss your requirements with an on-demand app development specialist who will be able to guide you comprehensively.

Wrapping Up

If Dunzo's success has been keeping you awake for nights, it might be the right time to develop an on-demand Delivery Service apps.

The on-demand segment is growing with space for all kinds of players, apps and segments. The sheer potential of the segment topped up with the ongoing scenario paves the way for amazing growth in the future.

Thinking of launching your own on-demand platform? Get in touch with our expert mobile app developers and realize your dream, today.

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