The Best 10 Apps built with React Native in 2024

React Native is a framework for building mobile applications using JavaScript and React. It has gained popularity in the app development community due to its ability to write code once and deploy it on both iOS and Android platforms, saving time and resources.

This cross-platform development approach is appealing to businesses looking to reach a wider audience without investing in separate development teams for each platform.

One of the fundamental aspects of React Native is its cross-platform compatibility. Developers can write code in JavaScript and use React components to build user interfaces (UIs) that render natively on iOS and Android devices. 

React Native also offers a hot reloading feature, allowing developers to see real-time changes to their code without restarting the app. This accelerates the development cycle by enabling quick iteration and testing, leading to faster time-to-market for mobile apps.

This platform allows mobile app developers to create mobile apps using React native components. Due to the unique features it offers, this has evolved to be one of the most preferable technologies by the developers for both iOS and Android mobile app development.

Numerous successful applications have been created by the developers using React native and as per the researchers, the future possibilities of what React Native development will be, are more magnificent. It is used by the world’s top companies and tech giants and few of them are mentioned below.

What Factors Contribute to React Native's Current Popularity?

  • React Native enables developers to write code once and deploy it on iOS and Android, saving time and resources.
  • Code reusability and hot reloading feature speed up app development cycles significantly.
  • Single codebase for multiple platforms reduces development costs without compromising quality.
  • Despite using JavaScript, React Native apps achieve native performance, ensuring a smooth user experience.
  • Thriving developer community provides access to resources, updates, and best practices.
  • Suitable for projects of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises, offering flexibility in development.
  • Adoption by leading companies like Facebook and Airbnb demonstrates reliability and scalability in real-world applications. 

Top 10 Apps Built with React Native in 2024

1. Facebook Ads Manager - Category: Business

Facebook ads manager dashboard

React Native-powered application, The Facebook Ads Manager enables organizations to remain associated with their advertisement execution regardless of where they are.

You can without much of a stretch make and track Facebook advertisements from your phone with amazing and effective portable tools.

You can utilize photographs and recordings from your gadget's library to contact individuals with promotions on Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network.

You can alter your battles by altering your imaginative, content, focusing on, timetables, and spending plans, or calendar and view their presentation from inside the application.

Facebook Ads Manager was the main cross-stage portable application manufactured utilizing React Native. On the off chance that you have ever utilized or seen Facebook promotions chief, you would realize that it includes a perplexing snare of parts like money, time zones, advertisement inclinations, client profiles, and so on.

The interface is spotless and routes natural, making it super-productive to structure an advertisement.

2. Instagram - Category: Photo & Video

Instagram post ui section

Another tech master that relies upon the React Native advancement stage is Instagram. Instagram's versatile application, which sees more than one million month to month dynamic clients, offers a straightforward method to capture and share your photographs and recordings.

You can pursue your loved ones to perceive what they're doing, and find accounts from everywhere throughout the world that are sharing things you adore.

It was a major test for Instagram to move its whole existing application to React Native, yet Instagram had an additional favorable position all the while. It has a basic interface that made the appropriation of innovation somewhat simpler than envisioned.

With React Native, the application developed increasingly viable crosswise over both Android and iOS stages.

3. SoundCloud Pulse - Category: Music

Soundcloud logo with website dashboard screenshot

SoundCloud is the world's biggest music and sound gushing stage with 150 million tracks and developing and a humming network of artists always transferring new music.

SoundCloud Pulse's React Native-based application gives you a chance to deal with your record, check your details and answer to remarks, regardless of whether you're in the studio, on the visit transport, or only away from your work area.

SoundCloud is a splendid application for imaginative makers where they can make and deal with their records and keep their locale alive. React came helpful when the organization battled with the absence of enough developers to structure the second arrangement of native applications.

Because of an inadequate number of iOS designers, they confronted the plausibility of a huge gap among iOS and Android discharge.

Webs optimization logo along with phone vector and text

The SoundCloud research group tried React Native models for client experience and found a couple of difficulties. And still, after all that, they got themselves positive about the innovation since working with React Native application was simpler than an unadulterated native methodology.

4. Uber Eats - Category: On-demand Food Delivery App

Uber eats dashboard with logo

Uber built up their Uber Eats mobile application with React Native, which enables you to get the food you need from the eateries you adore, delivered to you anyplace.

You can browse nearby eateries and inexpensive food top choices or get exactly what you're searching for via searching for a particular café, dish, or cooking.

The developers of UberEATS saw that its eatery dashboard was being used through mobiles. As the application itself utilized web application to render the interface on clients' portable, this was making inconvenience for the clients in the form of delayed or incomplete services which was causing a huge business loss to the company.

Therefore, the idea of incorporating React Native came into use and the utilization of React Native has empowered developers to use local functionalities which improved the general client experience.

5. Skype - Category: Chat Room

Skype welcome messege mobile ui popup and in background screenshot of skype application

Microsoft utilized the UWP (Universal Windows Platform) structure to bring Skype to Windows 10. In any case, it before long changed to React Native since it permits Microsoft to create Skype for various mobile stages.

A similar code can likewise be relocated to Windows with some tweaking. Other than saving money on schedule and assets, React Native makes Skype quicker and additionally captivating as a mobile application.

Perhaps the best sign of how React Native is genuinely extraordinary compared to other cross-platform mobile application development structures is the way that Microsoft-possessed Skype utilizes it rather than their one of a kind Xamarin.

Skype enables you to associate with loved ones through video calls, voice calls, talks, and through sharing photographs and recordings.

6. Pinterest - Category: Social Networking

Photos of Pinterest with logo in center

One of the popular names of today, Pinterest enables you to search for motivation, regardless of whether you're structuring a home or looking for inspirational thoughts.

Their React Native portable application causes you to investigate more than 100 billion new thoughts for all aspects of your life, from what hairstyle to get to what to make for supper.

You can get thoughts from making additional extra room in your home to transforming an old shirt into a trendy dress, fabricating a DIY pooch bed, or in any event, pressing for your next get-away with Pinterest.

7. Walmart - Category: Shopping

Walmart logo with website dashboard

Award-winning Walmart's React Native versatile application enables you to get many things delivered.

You can utilize your phone to pay at the store rapidly and securely with Walmart Pay, effectively reorder the fundamental things you've obtained at the store and on the web, and see which things are accessible and on which passageway at the store.

They went to innovation as it generally does to rethink their client experience and take it to the following level with inventive advancements. In the wake of adding Node.js to their tech stack, Walmart chose to compose the whole application in React Native.

Thus, it improved its exhibition on iOS and Android and completed the undertaking in brief time length. Walmart has been the market head since its attention is consistently on the best client experience. Its online business application was created to stress this target.

8. Gyroscope - Category: Health & Fitness

Gyroscope website dashboard with logo

Gyroscope coordinates with the HealthKit and empowers its clients to see the total story of their life. The clients can follow their means, pulse, exercises like profitability, weight reduction, and significantly more.

The whole information is shown in two basic perspectives: Simple and Cards mode. For all the followed information, and every day/week by week/month to month report can be seen that characterizes the subsequent stage in medicinal services improvement.

Considered as an extraordinary application for wellbeing conscious personalities, Gyroscope superbly coordinates with HealthKit to enable clients to see the total wellbeing profile throughout their life.

9. Discord - Category: Social Networking

Discord mobile and laptop mockup along with logo

Discord- is a cross-stage voice and chat application structured clearly for gamers. It is very prevalent among gamers yet a lot of recent college grads use Discord for non-gaming purposes as an internet based life stage.

The application, made with React Native, enables you to remain associated with all your Discord voice and chat channels even while you're away from the console (AFK). It is ideal for talking with colleagues, seeing who is playing on the web.

Their iOS and Android applications share 98% of the code, which is an astounding case of how React Native can help in cross-stage application advancement. This application was one of the first available forms with React Native.

They chose to go with this innovation for iOS applications even before the official debut of this structure in 2016.

10. Vogue - Category: Fashion

Vogue website display in large laptop

The Vogue React Native-fueled application presents to all of you the most recent news in design, magnificence, runway and superstar style, just as homes, weddings, nourishment, travel, and stimulation. It's your unparalleled view of the universe of style shows, architects, and models.

Discover what their editors are adoring, figure out how to get the look, and where to get it. There is no better portal into the universe of Vogue magazine than this.

There are more…

These huge names are sufficient to clarify what the innovation is worth and what it can accomplish for your future tasks. With a unique network development and higher ubiquity, we will undoubtedly observe a lot more React Native applications spring up sooner rather than later.

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In any case, you want to create a react native app then you should work together with an innovative react native development company.


React Native has quickly become a popular choice for native mobile app development, allowing developers to create iOS and android apps using a single codebase.

The power of react native lies in its ability to integrate react native components into existing native mobile applications, making it a versatile tool for building apps across platforms.

In 2024, we can expect to see even more react native apps in the market as companies continue to embrace the cross-platform app development capabilities of react native.

However, the popularity of apps built with react native continues to grow, with more companies hiring react native developers to work on their projects. Whether you are building your first react native app or working on a new mobile app, react native provides a reliable and efficient solution for native app development.

Common Questions about React Native

Q: How is React Native used in developing mobile apps?

A: React Native is used in developing mobile apps as a cross-platform framework that allows developers to use a single codebase to build apps for both Android and iOS platforms, making the app development process more efficient and cost-effective.

Q: Why do companies use React Native for their mobile app development?

A: Companies use React Native for their mobile app development because it offers advantages such as faster development cycles, code reusability, live reload feature for instant code updates, and the ability to create high-performance apps with a native look and feel.

Q: How does React Native benefit app developers?

A: React Native benefits app developers by providing a streamlined development process, hot reloading for instant code changes, access to third-party plugins and libraries, a strong community support, and the ability to create visually appealing and responsive mobile apps.

Q: Can React Native be integrated into existing mobile apps?

A: Yes, React Native can be integrated into existing mobile apps to enhance their performance, user interface, and functionality without the need to rewrite the entire application, making it a versatile choice for app developers seeking to improve their apps.

Q: How does React Native facilitate app development for both Android and iOS platforms?

A: React Native facilitates app development for both Android and iOS platforms by allowing developers to use a single codebase for building apps that run smoothly on both platforms, reducing development time and ensuring consistency in user experience across different devices.

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