How Much Does It Cost For Web Application Development?

Web Application Development is the most innovative solution that makes it a current favorite of many business owners. But even now most have no clear idea about the cost rendered for a web application development. For anyone interested but confused to employ Website Development to their business, all they need to do is read on to become more comfortable with the concept.

What is Web Application Development?

The development of browser-based website or application or software with a short life cycle lead can be defined as Web Application Development. It is a web-based solution that assists you to run or administer or control or supervise and secure your important business data. With the help of web solutions, you can also catch up with the mobile audience with ease. You can have your website controlled from mobile and this can help you enhance your sales big time.

How Web Application Development would assist your business?

  • Web Application Development infuses mobility to your daily routine. It lends you as well as your would-be clientele easy access to your web page at any time from just about anywhere.
  • Web Application Development eliminates the need for a company or its clients to be at the mercy of an individual and it facilitates them to access information independently.
  • With everything provided at their fingertips, Web Application Development system increases the efficiency level of your employees.
  • The Web Development makes it possible to manage all the detailed records of a business in a very efficient manner
  • Infusion of the website application system will help you generate reports and statistics with ease. According to reports generated you will be able to strategize your financial and business growth accordingly.
  • With the assistance of Web Development web pages and websites can also be created as an efficient marketing tool.

Ways to approach your idea to be a Successful Web Development.

Here generally you will find two sets of scenarios where one knows all about the technology but are unable to work upon and another scenario can be that you have a great business idea but is confused until it comes into application. Here we are going to discuss both the scenarios and help you find a way out with ease.

Scenario 1:

You might have a complete understanding of what needs to be done to your business to avail the best of returns. But it is important that you work on it to match up your vision. You must prepare a document for the features with detailed information which needs to be worked upon to avail the right results. All you need to do is to let the professionals know about your needs in detail and they will initiate with the services. But if you are not much prone to technical understanding, you can always connect with our experts as they will assist you towards the appropriate decision.

Scenario 2:

If you have a great business idea but are not sure of how to take it ahead, then it is highly recommended to have your POC/ MVP developed. Hiring experts will also help you the MVP development requirements which can help your business big time. POC/MVP is basically a low budget primary need which helps business with limited attributes to avail the best of results. Yes, having POC / MVP will allow you to connect with the investors and explain to them about your business services with clear vision. It will help them understand your vision in a clear way and you will be successful in raising the funds. With MVP / POC product, you will be able to understand the market review of your service. If it is connecting with the audience then you can surely take it ahead with full flow.

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Types Of Business That Can Benefit From Web Application Development

1. Small Business

Today small scale businesses surround us. Developing a web application for small business can benefit owners to reach more audience. A good web presence gives a clear reflection of your business and helps to promote it.

Different small businesses like gyms, restaurants, salons, fashion designers and many other service providers would definitely benefit from web application development. Such promotional websites can be designed using Wordpress development or any other CMS(Content Management System) very much paying only on the number of pages that are included on their existing or developed site.

2. Marketplace Application

Marketplace application is the platform that connects several businesses and consumers. Marketplace apps have the ability to offer varied independent vendors to list their products or services for the consumers.

Examples of varied ecommerce marketplace platform include B2B or B2C portals like travel apps, job portals, handyman apps or services on demand apps. Technologies which can be used to develop these applications are PHP, Java or Node.js.

3. E-Commerce Industry

E-commerce applications are proving to be a great advantage for business owners and application developers. E-commerce applications avail buying and selling of the products online. Life can be boosted into E-Commerce Industries with the assistance of Magento or BigCommerce Applications as well as Wordpress Woocommerce you can have your company up and running from a very remote location.

4. Enterprise Level Application

Enterprise level applications are developed for large organizations and industries to enhance productivity and efficiency. Enterprise level application is a custom enterprise app development to provide end to end solution for industries like Travel, Insurance, Energy Management, Hospitals, Education, and many more. Along with web development, mobile apps are also developed for Enterprise Solution.

One needs complete and detailed guidance for the development of Enterprise Level Application as these applications are large and complex. For detailed understanding and technical specifications our professionals can guide.

What does Web Application Development Cost?

There are various quotes ranging from $3,000 to $300,000, available in the market for Web Application Development job that simultaneously baffles and scares entrepreneurs on a daily basis. But the price ranges from the type of requirements that you have. Take a look:

i) If you have a clear idea about how your business can be taken ahead with the use of web solutions, then all you need is a helping hand which will certainly not cost you much. A dedicated developer will charge you around $1,200 to $2,500 per month which will be completely based on the skill set they are carrying.

ii) If you do not have an idea about web solutions but are clear about what you are looking for to have, All you need to do is to share your requirements with us and we will quote you a fixed price accordingly.

iii) If you have an idea of web development but need assistance on the go, you can opt for skilled professional on hourly basis which will cost around $12 to $22 per hour.


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Process related to website development

  • 1. Requirement Gathering: It is the phase of the web development requiring the desired data or the relevant client.
  • 2. UI / UX Design: It is to design a perfect user interface between a machine and different software
  • 3. Frontend Development: It is the practice of producing JavaScript, CSS and HTML application on a website for the user to interact directly. The colors, layout, and animations, found in an application are a part of it.
  • 4. Backend Development: It is the part that you see as a result of Frontend Development including sites like database, server, etc.
  • 5. Live and Support: Making the site LIT and providing its support to keep on going.
  • 6. Marketing: Is the backbone of any business without which no company can be established today

What is the other cost required excluding development?

  • You can avail a brand new domain name or even the one which has been registered before. Purchasing brand new domains will charge around $10 to $15 annually. It completely depends on the registrar.
  • Buying a hosting service will exclusively allow businesses to make their site accessible through the World Wide Web. It might cost you around $3 to even $500 a month as per the features.
  • You also need to purchase different website assets like icons, images, 3rd party lib, etc as per the project needs. Here the expense is negotiable as per the website needs and requirements.
  • Buying SSL certificate for security might not cost you much. The price might go as low as $4 per year. With this, you will avail standard SSL visual indicators to help your website avail complete security.

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