Why Use Laravel for Your Next Web App Development Project?

Laravel is one of the most in-demand web application development frameworks taken into consideration all over the world. Web developers have increasingly favoured Laravel because of its robust features and refined syntax, making it an exceptional option for building high-performance web applications.

With its intuitive interface, powerful functionalities, and vibrant community support, Laravel's popularity continues to soar in the web development industry. It's widely recognized as a leading PHP framework in the industry.

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The PHP framework is easy to customize, It allows you to develop your application exactly as per project needs and requirements. This post highlights many pain points of using Laravel for building dynamic web-based applications and guides you on why you must use Laravel for web development.

Why Use Laravel for Web Development?

Laravel provides many security features to reduce vulnerabilities in your web application. Another reason to choose Laravel over other PHP frameworks is its easy integration with valid tokens and AJAX calls.

Laravel maintains its reputation as the best PHP framework because of its functionality, simplicity, and clear structure. Its caching system makes this possible, which stores various items to speed up application development.

Additionally, Laravel allows for easy customization of web applications using flawless syntax and best coding practices. It not only saves time during development but also improves coding efficiency.

Laravel can easily handle databases with innovative HTML generation compared to other frameworks. It offers a highly comprehensive full-stack model, benefiting developers of all levels.

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Laravel is a popular choice for entrepreneurs and developers due to its advantages that streamline custom software development with over 35,000 Laravel developers worldwide appreciating the platform's features.

Laravel excels in crucial areas such as authentication and authorization systems, simplifying user data protection and management. Laravel's seamless integration with mail services ensures prompt notifications, enhancing user engagement and interaction.

Laravel's URL routing configuration enhances user experience by displaying content within the current webpage, eliminating the need for page reloads. Its built-in message queue system enables efficient background task execution, optimizing server performance and responsiveness.

Lastly, Laravel's scheduling tasks management empowers users to effortlessly create and manage custom scheduled tasks without complex system-level configurations, boosting productivity and flexibility in laravel web application development.

Laravel's comprehensive feature set, encompassing authentication, mail integration, URL routing, message queue, and task scheduling, makes it an exceptional choice for entrepreneurs and developers seeking efficient and innovative custom software development solutions.

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Top 10 Features of Laravel Framework

As stated above, using Laravel has become one of the best options for developers for their needs of custom application development. It is easy to use and helps them with lots of benefits.

Below are a few reasons that make this framework one of the best in the business regarding custom laravel web application development.

1. Template Engine

The Laravel Framework is known for its lightweight and built-in template, making it simpler than others. It helps developers create dynamic layouts easily and has multiple widgets that work seamlessly with CSS and JS codes. The best part about it is that one can easily work with the PHP/HTML spaghetti.

2. Object-Oriented Libraries

Laravel development comes with in-built object-oriented libraries not found in any other PHP framework. One such library is the authentication library, which helps with many attributes like bcrypt hashing, checking active users, cross-site request forgery protection, password reset, and encryption.

3. Artisan

An artisan is an in-built command-line tool that comes with the Laravel framework. This tool helps developers a lot by reducing tedious and repetitive tasks. The same task will not require manual work again. It's commonly used for creating database structures using migration, and generating skeleton code for streamlined development.

4. MVC Support

MVC architecture is one of the biggest reasons why Laravel has become one of the best PHP frameworks considered by backend developers. The MVC pattern in the Laravel framework ensures highly efficient clarity in both presentation and logic. This architecture supports improved performance and facilitates better documentation.

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5. Security

The PHP framework comes with built-in security attributes which can keep your application completely secure. The hashed password feature means the password will never be saved in plain text in the given database. The Laravel framework uses SQL statements, making it free of injection attacks.

6. Database Seeding

Database seeding allows developers to quickly fill the database tables with predefined data, facilitating efficient application features and functionalities testing. By automating the data population process, database seeding streamlines the development workflow and ensures consistency in testing environments.

7. Database Migration

Using the Laravel framework, database migrations have become very simple and easy. You can get the migration changes done with ease to another system with the use of this framework. If you are on any web or mobile app backend development machine where you need to get the database, you can easily have it covered using the Laravel framework.

8. Reverse Routing

The connection between routes and links is referred to as reverse routing. This distinctive feature automatically updates relevant links whenever changes are made, ensuring seamless navigation within the framework. It simplifies the process of managing links and routes, enhancing the efficiency and flexibility of Laravel applications.

9. File System

Laravel supports multiple file systems, allowing users to utilize cloud-based and local files such as Amazon S3. Users can easily adjust these options according to their needs by modifying the config/filesystems.php file. This flexibility enables seamless integration with various storage solutions, enhancing the versatility of Laravel applications.

10. Eloquent ORM (Object-Relational Mapping)

ORM (Object Relational Mapping) helps you work with databases easily. Laravel’s ORM Eloquent provides PHP Active Record implementation for working with the database. This feature empowers web developers to interact with databases using PHP syntax instead of directly writing SQL code. It simplifies database operations and enhances the efficiency of web application development in Laravel.

Which Type of Web Application Prefers to Use Laravel Framework?

With the features mentioned above, as a developer, consider using the Laravel framework for the custom web application development needs for B2B, B2C, ERP, CRM, and enterprise solutions. Not only is it secure and easy to work with, but also it helps one with a number of benefits.

Not only this, but the Laravel framework is also perfect to be used for mobile application development in the insurance, travel, health care, and even automobile industries. You can design the application as per your custom needs and requirements with the use of a wide range of features.

Top Companies Using Laravel 

Laravel stands out as one of the most popular PHP frameworks among both business owners and developers globally. It's not just startups and small businesses, even industry giants have chosen Laravel for their web application development needs. Here are a few notable examples.

1) BBC

The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) is the national broadcasting company in the UK. Apart from its traditional media broadcasting, the company has adopted various web applications focused on TV and content production. These applications use technologies such as AngularJS, Angular 6, and Laravel.

2) MyRank

MyRank is a web platform designed for managing one's professional reputation on the internet. It integrates with more than 50 social media platforms, providing users with an overview of their online reputation. They can also monitor their brand name using the keyword tracking tool.

3) BarChart

BarChart is a widely used open-source project that has benefited a lot of companies by boosting their conversion rates and revenue. It played an important role in creating an internal tool for financial institutions, enabling employees to effortlessly generate accessible reports presented in the form of bar charts.

4) Pfizer

Pfizer is one of the leading global pharmaceutical companies in the world. Pfizer specializes in the discovery, development, and production of biopharmaceutical products, including drugs and vaccines. To engage with customers effectively, Pfizer utilizes a Laravel-coded website and mobile application.

5) Crowdcube

Crowdcube is an online crowdfunding platform specifically dedicated to businesses in the United Kingdom. It serves as a bridge between enterprises and potential investors and helps entrepreneurs raise money to expand their businesses. The platform has a dedicated team of developers who use Laravel development, among other frameworks, to ensure its functionality and efficiency.

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The Future of Laravel Web App Development

The future of Laravel development appears bright with continued growth and innovation. The Laravel framework offers methods for representing routes. It automatically loads all the routes from the app/HTTP/routes PHP file for faster processing.

Laravel's built-in library provides robust support for various log handlers, allowing seamless email sending via cloud-based services such as SparkPost and Amazon SES.

Routing services in the Laravel PHP framework streamline maintenance and deployment, while its testing features encourage user behaviors through diverse application outputs.

Laravel Introduces a new method, the Gate. It simplifies providing custom messages during authorization requests if declined.

Laravel's significance in app development lies in its diverse database options and numerous features:

  • The inversion of IoC stands out as a practical feature.
  • Laravel supports building comprehensive authentication modules.
  • Its caching capabilities ensure quick retrieval of user-related data.
  • SEO-friendly routing enhances website visibility.
  • Laravel's modular structure facilitates complex application development.
  • Artisan features enable running iterative tasks efficiently.
  • With Laravel, developers can create highly secure web applications.


Laravel is an outstanding option for web development projects, regardless of their scale. With its extensive array of features, Laravel offers considerable advantages for businesses. Its stability and reliability ensure that developers complete web development projects without encountering major framework-related issues.

With the features mentioned above and the advantages, it is quite clear that the industry considers Laravel the best framework compared to other PHP frameworks, even in 2024.

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Q. Why Laravel is best for web application development?

A. Laravel is the best for web development because of its powerful features, easy-to-use syntax, and strong community support. It simplifies development, boosts productivity, and guarantees secure and scalable web applications. 

Q. Which is the latest Laravel version I should use in 2024?

A. Laravel 10 is the latest and long-term sustainable version. It will include security fixes by February 2025. You must carefully consider your user authentication choices before making a decision.

Q. Which databases can I use in Laravel?

A. You can use a variety of databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and SQL Server. Laravel supports NoSQL databases such as MongoDB through third-party packages.

Q. Is Laravel Better than NodeJS?

A. Choosing between Laravel and Node.js depends on project needs, development team expertise, and performance needs. Laravel is an ideal choice for rapid development with PHP, while Node.js is a strong choice for high-performance, scalable applications using Javascript.

Q. Why Laravel is better than WordPress?

A. Laravel is better than WordPress in offering more flexibility and control over web development projects due to its robust MVC architecture and feature set. Laravel is better if you want to build enterprise-level web applications. On the other hand, Wordpress is ideal for small and medium-scale websites.

Q. How does Laravel keep my web application secure?

A. Laravel ensures your web application's security through built-in features that allow you to reduce the threat of vulnerabilities in your website, such as:

  • SQL Injection
  • XSS Protection
  • CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery)
  • Laravel Security Packages
  • Laravel Authentication System

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