Custom App vs. White Label App Development: Which will You Choose?

Mobile app development is the fastest-growing sector in the industry. The app development industry has been continuously evolving as all the small and large businesses have started making their existence in the mobile space.

Today mobile apps have become the ideal means to generate more sales and deliver their clients' needs with the uttermost convenience. All the businesses have started building their own mobile application.

If you want to stay up to date with the latest trends, you need a mobile app to enhance your business.

There are two ways through which you can build the app from scratch - develop a custom app or choose the ready-made option from a white label app development company.

Which one would you choose from — Custom App vs. White Label app?

We know it isn't an easy task to select any app development process which will bring out a profitable business outcome. While making this type of an important decision, various measures need to be a consideration.

In this blog, we will make a detailed comparison of both the app development and help you figure out the best mobile development process to launch your mobile app.

What Is White Label App Development?

The White Label Mobile app is a rebranded version of the original app. It is developed by one company, and then it is sold to multiple companies after adding the rebranding elements and little customization to it.

With the ready-made white label templates, you can get a ready-to-use application whenever you want and don't require any further modifications. White Label App Development makes the development time shorter and helps those startups looking for a direct entry in the mobile domain at a minimum investment cost.

There are also various benefits of reselling white label apps. If you don't find your product fit according to the market requirements, you can resell your app on different white label app marketplace platforms and generate revenue.

Custom Mobile App Development

Custom mobile app development is the opposite of white-label. As the name suggests, everything is customized; the app is developed from scratch after doing the complete research and analysis according to the client's requirements.

This app development method is preferred to medium and large-scale startups, which have some unique ideas that can only be implemented by the custom development approach.

In Custom development, you are free to select the features you want as per the market trends. Also, the main advantage of Custom Mobile App Development is that it is more secure than White Label App Development.

One-To-One Comparison Of Custom and White Label App:

There are various factors to be considered while choosing the Custom vs. White Label App development. It mainly depends on the requirements, budget, features, and functionality you want to include in the mobile application.

Below we have compared both the app developments, which will make you decide on the best app development for your startup business.

1. Design & User Experience

Design and UI /UX is a significant part of the app development approach. If your app has great functionality, but if you fail to focus on the designing part, it may lead to your app's downfall.

With the white label app development software, you will find a product with basic features and functionalities, you'll have to stick to the premade design that has been offered by the white label app development companies.

In custom development, you have the freedom to customize the UX/UI Design as per the requirements.

2. App Features & Structure

In White Label App, there is a fixed structure. The application is not designed as per your business model, and you'll have to rethink how to organize the content and present it in a fixed structure.

The advantage of building a custom app is its flexibility in defining the app features and overall structure. This will be helpful, especially if your application consists of advanced features that will bring value to the app.

3. Time & Resources

Custom Mobile Apps are developed from scratch according to the client's requirements, so it requires a longer time for design and development and getting the app delivered.

Whereas, in White Label Mobile App Development, there are pre-built apps, so they do not require from scratch UX UI design and development time. You will get the app after doing a few modifications.

4. Maintenance

White Label Apps are tested and analyzed several times, so there is a low risk of bugs. The white label app developers make sure that there isn't a single bug in the white-label solution.

The best part of the White-Label App is if there is any bug, other startups have already informed them, and they have already fixed it.

In Custom App Development, there is a high risk of bugs and flaws; whenever a new feature is added, the developer has to test every application element again.

5. Development Cost

White Label Apps are already developed and sold to more than one startup with minor changes. So the white label app development cost is very low compared to the Custom-developed app. As custom apps are not tailored, they require more time for design and development, and so are their charges.


Now, as you have seen both sides of the coin, both app development has its pros and cons. Choosing the best entirely depends on your project requirements. If there are no time and budget constraints, you can choose custom development, but if you are a new startup and want to launch your app immediately, you can go for the White-Label Development Process.

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