How To Build An App From Scratch in 2023

Well, it is undeniable that mobile phones are taking an edge over the desktops, consequently, with the amelioration in the number of mobile users, the number of mobile apps is also increasing. With this constant growth of the mobile world, every user wants to establish their business via mobile apps.

How to create an app from scratch brings a lot of confusion and this blog will help you in getting familiar with the important aspects to be considered regarding how to build an app from scratch.

Before we get started, it is vital to know why mobile apps are in vogue and why mobile apps can exponentially help your business. First and the foremost, mobile apps will hike your business revenue by ameliorating the sales.

Apart from this, it will enhance your brand awareness and your strategies. But creating an app from scratch can be a daunting task for you and you may get highly discouraged by various factors like cost, time, team, coding, debugging, publishing and so on.

But at the end of this, we promise you that you will be able to create your own app because If you have an app idea burning in your brain, trust me you can easily create a scalable, trustworthy, user-ready and robust app with some planning and meticulous work.

Define and research your app

Your first task is to come up with a reason and motive behind your app development so that you can initiate. Make sure that whatever your motive is, it should fulfill two purposes, firstly enhancement for your business and secondly for your targeted audience.

Define and research your app

An enhancement for your audience means that your audience should feel fruitful while exploring your app whereas improvement for your business depends upon various factors like Return On Investment(ROI), less expenditure, social presence and much more.

Before you start creating your own app from the scratch, ask yourself few questions such as

  • What is the purpose of the app?
  • What areas do you need to improve?
  • How can this app help you in making those improvements?
  • How will you market your app?

Not only this, but you need to ask yourself everything related to the timeline, budgetary pressure and so on. Don’t let a lack of vision ruin your future.

Sketch the layout, Functionality, and Features

Sketch the layout, Functionality, and Features

The next integral step is to create a layout of the features that you want in your app. The main onus is on the designer to comprehend the different UX aspects of ios and android. Hence, think out of the box and bring your inner creativity out by penning down all the functionalities that will bring value to your app including forms, chat availability, push notifications and so on.

Have a look at your Competitors

Do not blindly start making or developing an app from scratch! Research a bit more. This is something that most of us miss during the process. It is vital to have a look at your successful competitors in the same market which will trigger a new sense of spark to your existing ideas, functionalities, and layouts.

Have a look at your Competitors

Also, look out for the positives and negatives of the app of the competitors and then adjust your idea accordingly.


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Next step is to get advantage from your wireframing to build your app functionalities on-board and to bring little more clarity. Use your wireframe to outline your servers, APIs, and data diagrams. And once you are done with it, always revise your wire-frames for the alterations.

Design your app

Now if you are worried about how to design an app, then don’t worry you need to hire or employ an app designer for that who will create the user interface.

UI is a significant part of the app because it is something that will make your app look spellbinding and will attract the users.

If you aren’t willing to hire an app designer, you can opt for various online designing tools which allow you to choose a template and customize it by yourself.


But what if you don’t want to hire someone? You can use a WYSIWYG editor where you can pick your template yourself. But whatever you do, keep in mind that you are designing it for users, not for you!

Get app builder

It is time to collaborate with your designers and developers so that they can bring your wireframes into the real world. Now with everything in mind, solve out the puzzle by putting it together.

At this stage, your app developer/software developer will set up your servers, databases, and APIs.


Not only this, but you need to sign for Google play if you want to make an app for android or if you want to make an app for iPhone you need to sign up for apple store. This process may take a few days but don’t impede this step.

But make sure that you keep a vulture eye on each and every step of your developers to ensure steadiness between your visualization and the end product. Always hire or employ proficient developers who know how to code an app and always ask them before how much does it cost to create an app from scratch in order to avoid any kind of confusion.

Test and Bug fixing of the app

Once the development phase is completed, real-world testing should be the next step. Testing is an integral part of the development process which can be executed by two kinds of testing namely manual testing & automation testing. When it comes to bugs, they are inevitable but it will ameliorate the number of mistakes and will not let your “break”.


Don’t worry there could be ten rounds of testing before it goes out flawlessly in front of the audience.

Release Your App

Last but not least, release your app into the market and distribute among the audience. As an entrepreneur, you need to get in touch with the rules of ios as well as android because iOS is a bit strict as compared to Android because in android your app will be simply reviewed as soon as you release it whereas ios will always review it before it gets live.


In crux, using these strategies you can easily write an app, create your own app and can make your own app but remember marketing will help you a lot because just releasing your app on the app store won’t help you to make millions out of it but marketing will surely help you to do that.

To get the eyeballs on it, you can email your customers about it or can promote it on social media for promotions.

While bringing down the curtains, i will wind it up by saying that if you are looking forward to make an app from the scratch, take help from the hand of experts to reach the zenith from the scrap.

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