What will it Cost to Develop a Quotation Management System?

Digitization has revolutionized all essential business processes. Dedicated solutions like quotation management systems (QMS) have helped businesses in improving their efficiencies in managing customer queries and requests. A quotation management software system helps a business in automating the process of developing quotations, storing past quotes and following-up with the customers.

Quotations are an important part of many business operations. Be it an automobile dealership, tour operator or any other service business, quotations are an important part of the entire business operations. An automated quotation management system allows businesses to deal with customer requests in a better way, take periodic follow-ups and streamline the quotation generation process which enhances the bottom lines in the long run.

Benefits of an integrated quote management system

A centralized quote management system has several benefits for any growing business. As mentioned above, a centralized QMS streamlines the quote generation process. This has unprecedented advantages for a business such as:

  • Sales agents can check if a customer has requested a quotation from another branch. This will help in providing a similar quote across different branches all over a particular region.
  • With the help of personal notes attached to the quote, executives can attach specific customer requirements with the quote. This helps in follow-ups in the future and even service the customer in a better way, if an agent leaves the company or customer moves to another branch.
  • Most of the modern quotation management systems come with a version feature that allows agents and managers to check different versions of the same requirement as it changes with time and the dynamic customer requirements.

Essential Features in a Quote Management System

Before you plan to disrupt your quotation management process with a quotation software for small business, you need to strategize your cloud based web development process.

If you want to build a quotation management software system, you need to outline the features and functionalities beforehand. This will help you give a clear idea about the investment needed for developing such a system. Here are some of the essential features any modern quotation system must have:

  • Centralized solution for all branches/showrooms: Your QMS system should be centrally integrated and managed so that all the retail branches/showrooms should provide the same quote to any customer, irrespective of the location.
  • Multiple Quotation Version Management: The quotation management system should be capable of generating multiple versions of the same requirement according to the changing needs of the customers. Also, the agents should be able to access all the different versions from the same quote itself.
  • Search Quotation by Customer Details: The QMS should allow an executive to search for a quotation by just entering the customer details. The system should show all quotations requested by a customer over a period of time.
  • Add Notes to Quotation: An agent should be capable of adding personalized notes to the quotation for servicing and accessing the quotes in the future. Such notes will help other agents to understand the customer requirements, even when the agent who created the quote is not available.
  • Employee/Agent Dashboard: The QMS should come with a dedicated dashboard for employee/agent access. This would give him a holistic view about quotations generated and the follow-ups required maximizing the sales revenues.
  • Performance Reporting: The quotation management software system should be capable of analyzing the performance of all the agents across multiple locations and reporting the same to the management.
  • Follow-up Reminders: The quotation management system should be capable of reminding the agents to follow up with customers via periodic follow up notifications and reminders.
  • Built-in Email Send Feature: Agents should be able to send quotations to customers via email directly from the quotation management software, itself.
  • Customer Profiles: The quotation management system should be able to create, store and retrieve detailed customer profiles with their personal details, contact information and past quotation request and order history.
  • Agent Fee/Commission Customization: The QMS system should allow the management to create separate commission structures for each agent according to their performance and past activity.
  • Admin Panel: The admin panel should give the management a clear picture of the business, including all quotations generated, and other parameters to measure business performance. Also, the admin panel should allow the management to add/remove agents and manage entire business operations.

Real-life Use Cases of Quotation Management System

A quotation management system can allow businesses to achieve high levels of efficiency across several business units, branches and showrooms, particularly on costing front. Here are a few ways a quotation management system can improve the processes within different industries:

  • Automobile Industry: For the automobile industry, a quotation management system would ensure that the customer gets accurate quotes from all the branches of the automobile dealership. This means that there will be fewer chances of cost discrepancies which can lead to business losses in the long run.
  • Furniture Industry: Furniture segment is a personalized sphere where quotations change according to requirement. With a quotation management system, all the outlets can enjoy required transparency regarding the quotation for a particular task. This means the end-customer would get the same quote for a similar product, irrespective of the place where he/she makes a quote request.
  • On-demand Service Industry: For the on-demand service industry, managing different customer requests and the quotations thereof becomes easier with a centralized quotation management system. It allows price standardization, which is an essential element for higher customer satisfaction and increased delight.
  • Tours & Travels: A centralized quotation management system allows tour operators to provide detailed and accurate quotes to all the potential customers across a region. Not only does the QMS allows them to provide and document quotations but take periodic follow-ups to increase sales prospects.

Cost of Building a Quotation Management System

Building a quotation and invoice management software can be beneficial for your business in the long run. If we think of the cost of developing such software, then you need to clearly outline your goals from such software as well as the features you require.

The cost of development depends entirely on the complexity of the system and the features you are planning to include. To get a clear idea about the cost, it is better to get in touch with the experts who can guide you more appropriately about what you need to invest. A professional software development firm will provide you a clear idea about the cost of developing a quotation management system.

Wrapping Up

Integrating a quotation management system in your existing quotation process is a great idea to streamline your business operations. If you are planning to build a QMS for your business, it is better to contact a reliable software development agency who has the experience of building such systems.

At Webs Optimization, our experts are proficient in all modern frameworks and technologies to create an amazing quotation management system, personalized as per your specific requirements. Let's Connect with our experts for moving ahead with your plan of digitizing quotation management operations today.

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