How to Build a City Guide App for 2023 & Why?

The world has turned into a big interconnected village in the modern world. Naturally, the ease of travel has persuaded many people to listen to their inner desires to explore the world around them. With the growing penetration of mobile phones, tourists have been relying on mobile apps for finding more about a city and for assistance in their travel plans. In such a scenario, developing a city guide app can be a really profitable proposition.

Why city guide apps are becoming immensely popular?

Travel and tourism segment is one of the fastest-growing industries on the planet. The industry contributes USD 8.27 trillion to the global GDP. From the year 2000 to 2017, the revenue generated by the tourism sector has grown from $475 bn to $ 1340 bn. All these statistics depict a strong industry demand that is now being influenced by the technology domain.

Global Tourism Revenue 2000-2017 (in $bn)

Rise of Global Tourism Revenue 2000-2017 (in $bn)

(Source: Statista)

Travel app development is one of the hottest niches in the app development industry and many startup owners are inclined towards developing a city guide app. A city guide app offers travelers genuine information about a city- its tourist attractions, restaurants, events, hotels, weather, transport information, etc.

At present, people are quite interested in exploring the city even before they set a foot out and that’s what a city guide app helps in. With a city guide app on their mobile phones, travelers can have all the information on their fingertips, which helps them plan better and know everything they want to know about a particular city.

Key Features of a City Guide App

When you are thinking of building a city guide app for travelers, you need to be really diligent towards outlining the kind of features you would offer to your users. The most important criteria for the success of a city guide app are its intuitiveness and simplicity.

If you manage to develop a city guide app with all the features that a modern traveler is looking for, there are high chances for its success. Here are some features that you should have in your travel guide app.

Informational Features

  • Public Transport Information
  • Local Business Information
  • Information about Tourist Attractions
  • Information on Local Events

Travel Assistance Features

  • GPS & Local Maps
  • In-built Translator
  • Currency Converter
  • Shopping Guide
  • Reviews & Recommendations

Additional Features

  • Offline/Online Mode
  • Multi-lingual Support
  • Information Search
  • Augmented Reality feature for Immersive Travel Experience

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Who Benefits The Most From A City Guide App?

Travel app development can help many stakeholders within and outside a city. When a city has its dedicated travel guide app, more tourists are inclined to visit the city, leading to an increase in the revenues of the local businesses as well as tourism companies in the region. Here is how local businesses and administration benefit from a city guide app:

1. Tourists

tourism app development

Well, city guide app is designed to help out tourists visiting a city. The main purpose of the app is to help travelers find information about a city, its businesses, and tourist attractions at a single place. Tourists are the biggest beneficiaries of such an app. They can easily connect to local businesses, find information about places of interests and do a lot more.

2. Local Businesses

local travel guide app

Developing a city guide app can be quite beneficial for local businesses, too. Not only will they be able to advertise their own business via the app, but they can also persuade other businesses to advertise on their app. This will generate an added revenue stream to their existing operations.

Generally, tourist organizations within a city adopt such a model where they collaborate with restaurants, event planners, hotels, and even local shops to promote their business on their app. The app, thus, becomes an income-generating asset along with providing them leads to pitch their own product and services.

3. City administration

City administration

The city administration or local government can use such apps to provide relevant information to tourists as well as local citizens. Such apps can provide local news and access to city services. Also, the city administration can use a city guide app to boost transparency by allowing tourists and citizens to connect with government officials.

How to generate revenue from a City Guide app?

There are many ways to generate revenues from a city guide app for an app owner. As the user base for such an app increases, it becomes a hot topic in the city the app is functional in. In such a case, the app owner can talk to local businesses to advertise their business on the app in lieu of a fee. Well. There are some other revenue generation opportunities associated with a city guide app, including:

1. Advertising Local Businesses:

The best way to generate a revenue stream for a city guide app is to advertise local businesses. You can talk to restaurants, hotels, tour operators, shopping arcades, or other commercial establishments to persuade them to advertise on your app. When a business finds customer-attracting potential in a city guide app, it will be interested to pay for in-app branded advertisements.

2. Google AdSense:

Google AdSense allows app owners to display in-app advertisements and generate revenues in return based on the impressions and/or clicks. By registering a city guide app for the Google AdSense platform, one can start generating revenues.

3. Event Bookings Management:

A city guide app can be used to advertise local events and even manage bookings for the same. By charging a commission on every successful booking, a city guide app owner can generate enormous revenues in a short time.

Wrapping Up

A city guide app is a great way to delight incoming tourists and travelers in a city. If you are planning to develop a city guide app, hiring a top travel app development agency can help you achieve your goals. Creating a city guide app is a magnanimous task that requires strategic efforts in a planned manner.

By engaging a professional travel and tourism app development company, you can easily build a stellar app that will engage and delight users. Looking for more assistance on travel and city guide app development? Get in touch with our experts today.

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