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Mobile App Design Cost Guide 2023 – How Much Does it Cost to Design an App?

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From catching users attention to gathering traffic to the application, Mobile UI design plays a crucial role in setting up your business reputation in the market. A neat and clean app interface encourages users to stay on the product for a longer time.

Talking about the numbers, 1.8 billion apps in the App Store and 2.47 million in Play Store itself displays the huge market competition of mobile apps.

But before designing an app, many business owners get bothered about the cost of mobile app design, and they don’t consider the importance of app design and end up designing an average ux design app in order to save money.

Let’s discuss the depths and explore how to design an app, mobile app design cost and the importance of UI/UX in mobile app development.

What are the Stages of Mobile App Design

Mobile App design stages for 2022

What is the Importance of Mobile App Design

When developing a mobile application, there are three important factors to consider, app idea, app interface, and app compatibility. However, the important factor we are discussing is Mobile App UI Design. An app may have great functionality, but if it lags in the design part, it may lead to the downfall of its success.

UI/UX design is considered an integral part of any application. Once the user finds the app comfortable, he then explores the other functionalities of the application.

Here are some benefits of Mobile App Design:

Attracts more user

Improves brand image

Builds customer loyalty

Customer Satisfaction

Increases Productivity

Helps deliver simplicity

Factors Affecting Mobile App Design Cost

  • Wireframing

    Wireframes are like sketches that are created using various mobile app design tools. They are basically structures representing the application’s flow and visual concept, which helps understand the product’s flow mechanism.
  • App Platform

    App Platform

    There are mainly two options to choose from when we talk about the platform Android and iOS. Android app development and iOS app development require different types of work and have their own complexities. Native apps provide the best user experience, whereas Hybrid apps require less time to build and are cheaper than Native apps.

  • UI/UX Design

    UI/UX Design
    Appealing design is the first impression of the app. Your application needs an attractive User Interface and User Experience design to attract users attention and gather more conversions. The average cost of app design varies depending on the design complexity and different elements used in designing.
  • Features & Functionality

    Features & Functionality
    Along with the design, mobile apps features and functionality also plays an important role in the application’s success. The more the app design, the more will be the functionalities, and so will be the cost to design an application.
  • Animations

    Animating an object is difficult and time-consuming compared to its design. The animations are dynamic design effects that are created in animation software like Adobe After Effects. These animations contribute to the final design cost of the application.

How Much Does it Cost to Design An App?

The cost to design an app depends on the level of complexity you require and the number of features you add to the application.

If you are planning to build a mobile application, the most important thing will be its UI interface. But the design comes with a lot of complexities, and one such factor is the app design price.

Let’s dive and discuss more about the trending mobile app design cost based on the complexity in detail.

How to Estimate Your Mobile App Design Cost?

App Design Cost Estimation Based on Complexity

Average cost of developing a mobile app depends on the development time, developer’s experience and the level of complexity that can be achieved in the main app development phases which overall affects the cost factors.

1. Simple App

The Time required for designing of a simple app will take around 80 – 120 hours, and it will cost a sum of $1600 – $2400

Simple App

2. Medium App

The Time required for designing of a medium app will take around 120 – 200 hours, and it will cost a sum of $2400 – $4000

3. Complex App

The Time required for designing a complex app will take 200+ hours, and it will cost a sum of $5000+

How to Hire an UI/UX Designer?

You have an idea, and you’ve decided to develop an app, but you require an iOS or android app designer to serve the purpose.

But hiring a UI/UX designer is not a cakewalk. You’ll have to select one who understands your app idea and has the same vision for the project. In addition, there are also app designing rates of UI mobile apps based on the country you select for hiring app designers.

Let us guide you through the cost of designing a mobile app, which depends on the country-wise hourly app development rates as per the designing team’s location.

Check out the country-wise breakdown of app designing rates of UI/UX designers.

INDIA$20 -$30
UK$75 – $125
US$125 – $175
AUSTRALIA$100 – $150

You can select among the top platforms if you want to hire freelance UI/UX designers

Working Not Working
Working Not Working
People Per Hour
People Per Hour

Apart, you can also check out our app designing services, at WebsOptimization we’ve skilled and highly experienced developers who have developed various mobile applications for clients in various industries.

Summing Up

Your app design will play a crucial role in the application’s success. A low-quality app design will result in less downloads and a bad user experience. Hence it’s imperative to focus on the design aspects of the app.

In the above article, we’ve shared various factors that affect the app design price and the importance of UI/UX in mobile applications.

If you still have any queries or require any mobile app development/design solutions for your business, feel free to contact us. Webs Optimization will help you put your ideas into action.


How much does App Design Cost?

As usual, there cannot be a fixed cost of designing a mobile app. Instead, the cost is calculated depending on the complexity, platform, and designers rates as per the country location.
The design time depends on the app size. For Simple App, you need 2-3 weeks, for Mid Size App 5-6 weeks, and for Complex App, it will require around 9-10 weeks for designing.
  1. Social Media App
  2. Fashion App
  3. Food Delivery App
  4. Beauty service App
  5. Health App
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