Kotlin vs Java Comparison - Which One is Better? (2021 Updated Guide)

Through Java has been reigning the world for programming language since long, as Google announced the advent of Kotlin, the programmer is now in a dilemma. Android  Development has got its new programming language and the name Kotlin.

The new official language of Android Development – Kotlin

Being robust with statistical typing, Kotlin is great and is less verbose as compared to Java.

So, if you are one of those mobile app developers, then you should definitely look for the latest programming language. Java has ruled for 20 years, but now it’s time to replace it with another technology. However, the decision needs to be fair and not based. Agree?

So, to lay our topic of discussion of Kotlin vs Java and stay focused, let’s have a quick tour of what these languages are and which language is better in what terms.


An object-oriented language that was developed by the Sun Microsystems and currently owned by Oracle. As Java is the oldest language, it offers a lot more than just developing an app. Java Development does not restrict the developers and opens up to a whole set of option to embark their career. Java helps you to expand, explore more than simply an app. However, if you are considering an Android Development, then we need to first look at the plus and minus of the language to arrive on a decision of Java Development or Kotlin Development.

Plus (+)

  • Quick adapting and easy learning.
  • An open source language that offers a plethora of library options as Android is also Java based.
  • A rapid process that makes coding feasible in less time.
  • Largely flexible and is Handy for reusing code.
  • Competency with Gradle assembling.
  • More light and compact apps developed by Java.

Minus (-)

  • Java can cause issues with its API design.
  • Java seeks greater space and memory and hence too slow.
  • Java is a verbose language accounts for more codes to be written.

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The JetBrains programmer has developed this new programming language named Kotlin. This language was primarily designed to add extra features to the existing programming language Java. Based on the Java Virtual Machine, Kotlin Development is open source and type statically. Codes written in Kotlin can also be run on Native so that the app show compatibility with iOS. All you need is a plug-in and go with project configuration.

Plus (+)

  • Kotlin Development aids developing clean APIs.
  • Writing codes in Kotlin are far easier than one in Java. Consider writing a 50 line code in Java, and the same seek 2 lines in Kotlin. Now you see, how much errors can you
    save while writing in Kotlin.
  • Owing to the bytecode of Java, writing codes have become simpler and also transforming codes from Java to Kotlin is hassle-free.
  • Kotlin has a null in its system which lacks in Java. Android needs null for value absence and Kotlin allows you to do it seamlessly.
  • Github projects can be accessed easily owing to the Anko Library in Kotlin.

Minus (-)

  • Though Java development has been surpassed in multiple cases by kotlin when it comes to speed, Java takes the stride.
  • You need an extensive learning for the language. Syntax specific and so need deep learning.
  • Since the language is just in it’s growing phase, you might find hard to look for solutions. Limited resources refrain from getting exposure to a variety of projects.
  • You might not find many developers and even if you get one, they are not experienced.
  • Few features such as Android Studio is comparatively slow in Kotlin than in Java.

Why Will Developers Opt For A Switch – Kotlin Vs Java?

  • Java is traditional yet not a modern language.
  • Android works on Java 8 but with customization which is a way of comprising the plethora of feature Java own.
  • Java has various inbuilt issues as NullPointer Exception and try-catch blocks.
  • Complex syntax of Java.
  • Java, as we all know, is a procedural language. So if you need to choose between Kotlin vs Java, than former takes the lead.

The Final Call

Now you have an idea about what each of the languages is. So the choice of Kotlin vs Java depends upon you. You might have a track of developers and transition of the entire team might not be feasible. Also, Kotlin being a new language will definitely call for a major demand in near future. Hence it is imperative for you to start learning the language at your pace and be industry ready. Yes, Java is definitely the base but adding more is never a loss. You can very well adopt the new programming language Kotlin only if you are comfortable to do so. As a startup, you can definitely start working on Kotlin. a great decision to rely upon to choose between Kotlin vs Java.

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