“Though the app has only gone through pilot launches so far, internal stakeholders are impressed with WebsOptimization’s work and are confident about the platform’s performance. Along the way, the team was professional and creative, using their industry expertise to elevate the final app.”

Jack Robbins, CEO, 2Link app
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Project Overview

2Link is a real-time dating service that allows people to discover people who’re available for a drink, date, or dinner near you. The app asks people to post a selfie along with preferences and matches them to people looking for a complimenting experience.

2Link approached us via our website after discovering our blog about "Top Hybrid Mobile App Frameworks in 2023 – Choose the best one for you", online. The founder was interested in building an MVP with a limited budget and asked us to create something to validate the idea.

The founder was interested in building an MVP with a limited budget and asked us to create something to validate the idea.

Deep discussions and solid work on building a unique matching algorithm led us to launch a fully-functional cross-platform MVP within three months of beginning the project.

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The client wanted to stand out in the crowded dating app ecosystem and had an exciting idea for the app’s matching algorithm. Instead of a generic match based on likes, location, and profile, the client wanted a real-time matching service.

Users can share their preferences and would connect to only the people who’re interested in the same activity at the same time. For example, if a user shares an interest in watching a movie at 8:00 pm, they should be matched by the app with another user interested in the same activity simultaneously.

This created a challenging scenario of managing millions of unique combinations within seconds to keep users hooked. At the same time, the app UX needed to be simple and self-explanatory, so users could quickly find a match without being lost in a pool of features.


2link process


Based on the client’s unique matching algorithm idea, we started researching the best way to make the algorithm faster. Thorough competitor research and our past insights on building a custom dating app helped us improvise a workaround using a user’s data stored in a database and adding a ‘timestamp’ token for availability.

application on friendly match

The result came in the form of a vibrant, trendy, and swift mobile app that can work on iOS & Android devices with perfection. Users could answer a few simple questions to onboard, place an advert (share availability and preferences) and start getting matches in real-time.

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Tech Stack Used


Though the app is in the pilot stage, all internal stakeholders were happy with the MVP with respect to performance and functionality. The client targets millennials and plans to generate revenue by selling ‘connects’, which allow users to extend their availability and launch an advert to get more matches.

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