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Key Features

  • Precise conversion between pressure and temperature, or vice versa.
  • Provides meticulous information of current and future weather conditions.
  • Determines pressure corresponding to the given temperature.
  • Users can adjust the location, and the PT chart can be calculated based on the temperature value corresponding to that location.
  • A brief overview of the current temperature, humidity, wet bulb, and dew point values, all of which are determined by the selected location.
  • Enter the dry-bulb temperature and humidity to accurately compute the wet bulb temperature and dew point.
  • Calculates humidity and dew point.
  • Simple, smart, and elegant unit conversion tool.
  • Provides sunrise and sunset timings for any location and specified date.
Key Features kWh 360 Tool mobile app

Project Overview

Simplifying intricate calculations with Precision

The kWh360 Tool stands as a vital mobile application for HVAC service technicians, providing access to an efficient and rapid pressure-to-temperature converter, and vice versa. This remarkable tool encompasses over 15 different refrigerant types, including natural refrigerants.

The kWh360 Tool empowers users to compute bubble point, dew point, and midpoint for refrigerants with a glide. Additionally, this exceptional application offers an extended feature, allowing the integration of weather data with a P-T chart.

Professionals can leverage the kWh360 Tool to accurately calculate wet bulb temperature, dew point, and humidity by inputting values for dry bulb temperature and humidity.

Featuring an Intuitive and User-friendly Unit Converter

The kWh360 Tool comes equipped with a built-in functionality that is both simple and easy to use, facilitating seamless handling of any required conversion. With its capability spanning across 10 different categories, this tool proves to be highly convenient and accurate for a wide range of conversion needs.

Forecasting Weather with the kWh360 Tool

This application delivers precise weather information, including the highest and lowest temperatures, as well as current and future weather conditions. Additionally, the kWh360 Tool supplies sunrise and sunset timings for any specified location and date.

Forecasting Weather with the kWh360 Tool

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