How to Build a Marketplace App for Barbers like Uber for Haircuts?

You're already late for an important meeting; and the cloudy sky doesn't seem like it cares. On top of it, you saw a flat tire as you enter your parking. All reasons to get frustrated. Right?

But then you tap your mobile screen a few times and ‘ta-da'. A cab is waiting just for you at your location.

Seems like a dream. If it wasn't for Uber, our cities would have been less livable. And Uber created a big profitable industry segment out of no-where in the form of app-based on-demand services.

There's isn't a better model for on-demand economy than Uber. When it comes to online ecosystem, uberization of on-demand services has served as a hot business model globally.

In the last few years, demand for on-demand services has shot up enormously. The growth in millennial population has been a positive factor for growth of on-demand economy.

Demand for On-demand Services: The Millennial Equation- Usage by Age Group

Uber for haircuts, barbers shop management marketplace solution

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Increase in the usage of uber-like services in segments like salons, personal grooming, haircuts, etc. has enhanced growth opportunities for haircut startups and entrepreneurs.

More and more companies are planning to develop and launch apps like Uber for haircuts.

If you also feel that it is a great idea for a sustainable business, read on to explore how you can shape this idea into a profitable business model.

Why Uber for Haircuts Makes Sense in COVID-19 Era?

No one can deny that COVID-19 came as a blow for the business community.

But the on-demand economy has boomed even throughout the last few months. Convenience and safety promised by on-demand startups have been the main reason for their growth.

If we think of an on-demand app like Uber for haircuts, here are a few reasons that are favorable for its growth.

Revenue Generation Model for an App Like Uber for Haircuts

Developing an App Like Uber for Haircuts: Starting with an Idea

Okay! Now you've got an idea of the opportunity. The next thing you need to refine is the idea.

Well, you already have a lot of startups offering uber-like services in different niche segments.

For an app like Uber for haircuts, you'll have to ensure a solid business model. Essentially, your app would have to tackle the need of two stakeholders:

  • Service seekers
  • Service providers

Your app should serve as an intermediary or marketplace for customers to search for service providers, connect them to the providers and give an option to pay for the service. 

hire dedicated developers

Must-have Features for an App Like Uber for Barbers

Sign Up & Login
Find Salon
Service Menu Card
Review Stylish Profile
Book an Appointment
Buy Online Product
Pay Online
Personalised Profiles
My Order
Reviews & Ratings
Sign Up & Login
Add/Update Services
Upcoming & Completed Orders
Set Pricing & Availability
Booking Calendar
Chat with Customers
Earning Reports
Approve/Add New Service Providers
Review & Rating Management
Booking Management
Payment Gateway Management
CRM & Promotions Management

The Big Paradox: Managing Customer Bookings on On-demand App for Haircuts

You've got an idea now and a feature list.

The next big thing should be to have a solid process flow for running operations smoothly.

The biggest concern for a startup offering on-demand service is not to connect seekers and providers, but to manage the service delivery process.

A marketplace app for haircuts and barber shops, beauty & Spa specialist can face issues with the appointment booking approach.

So, here are three different ways you can manage bookings/service delivery when running an on-demand haircut startup:

1. Automatic Assignment

Automatic Assignment

 Think of it the Uber-way. You book a cab and get a cab/driver assigned automatically. The app doesn't ask you for choices.

You can build your own app for haircuts, barber shops, spa & salon management just like Uber and as soon as a customer places a request, the algorithm automatically assigns a professional based on location, budget and other factors.

2. Manual Selection via a Service Card

Manual Selection via a Service Card

Now, think like a food delivery startup like Uber Eats. Many restaurants offering similar offerings, but you have an option to choose the restaurant you want to order from.

You can also give your customers the choice to select professionals/service providers by showing them ratings, reviews, service provided, price point, etc.

3. Hybrid Approach

Hybrid Approach

 This is a mix of both the above approaches where customer can decide if he wants a quick booking or want to choose from available service providers.

Based on the approach, the app features would change and evolve. But remember, any decision you make now will affect your growth, popularity and user satisfaction levels.

Though there is no right or wrong here, but it is better to do a market research before finalizing any of the approaches.

Revenue Generation Model for an App Like Uber for Haircuts

Enough talking about the specifics. Now, let's come to the part where we talk about the money.

First, let's discuss the ways you can generate revenues from an app like Uber for haircuts, Barber shops. There are several options for you to generate revenues, particularly:

Service Commission

You can charge a fixed percentage of commission from service providers for each order/request they receive via your mobile app.

Marketing & Promotion

The app can be monetized through service listings. You can charge service providers for premium/sponsored listings by promising higher reach among the customers.

Loyalty/Subscription Programs

Your barber shop management app can run on subscription model that gives customers exclusive access to special discounts/offer, giveaways and special prices for an annual subscription cost paid upfront.

Guaranteed Booking Promise

The customers can be given an option to pay extra on booking for a 100% guaranteed booking at their preferred time slot and day, without any reschedules.

Technologies to Develop a Delivery App like Trim-it, theCut, booksy

React Native
React Native

How much does it cost to build an app like Uber for barbers?

We've talked of the concept; we've talked about the features. We even talked about how you can generate revenues from an on-demand app for haircuts.

Now, let's discuss the cost of developing an app like Uber for haircuts.

Firstly, don't rush in for the low cost mobile app developer you find. It is better to explore options and make an informed decision.

Secondly, the mobile app development cost totally depends on the kind of features you want, the platform you choose and other specific aspects.

It would always be a wise decision to consult with an experienced on-demand app development agency before finalizing on the development part.

Just to give you a basic idea, an on-demand app like Uber for haircuts can cost anywhere between $3,000 to $15,000 USD.


Make an Informed Decision and Choose the Right Developer

There's no denying that the on-demand segment is hot right now. Every day, more and more apps are being launched.

In such an ecosystem, having an experienced developer team can do wonders to your entrepreneurial ambitions.

Websoptimization has been helping on-demand startup companies for years. When it comes to on-demand apps like Uber for Salons and barbers, we've several successful projects under our sleeve.

The best part, we don't mind discussing your ambitions and suggesting the right path. Our business Development & technology consultants are always ready to hear you out.

So, if you're on your way to launch an on-demand uber for barber app, beauty app, Spa app, Salon management and haircuts booking service startup, let's connect and explore the growth potential, together.

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