How to Hire the Best Mobile App Developers in 2022?

For any business startup, launching its own mobile app is one of the most important aspects. To build a perfect mobile app one of the foremost questions that an entrepreneur needs to solve is how to find a mobile app developer in 2022?

In a world full of freelance app developers, where should one start with while finding an app developer? Should a startup hire in-house app developers or outsource app development? Or should engage with a professional mobile app development company? In this blog, we'll try to help you create a helpful roadmap about how to hire an app developer for your startup.

Why Should You Hire a Professional Mobile App Developer From the Agency?

All over the world, there are millions of mobile app developers. Some work as freelance developers, some take care of outsourced app development requirements of global companies. If you are looking for an Android or iOS app developer to hire, your best bet is to hire a mobile app development company instead of a freelancer.

A professional mobile app development agency is better equipped to handle your critical development requirements owing to its rich experience. Also, mobile app development companies have a dedicated team of proficient developers who are skilled to work on different technologies and development frameworks. This gives you the required to access to a versatile team and minimum chances of delays or failures.

Things to Keep in Mind before Hiring a Mobile App Developer

Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of handing over their precious idea to an app developer without being thorough in their research. Fundamentally, you should research deeply and scrutinize every profile before hiring a mobile app developer. Here are a few tips to help you hire the best mobile app developer:

1. Scrutinize their Public Developer Profile

While hiring a mobile app developer, you should always check out the professional work profile. Never go for any developer just by the tall claims he/she makes over call or email. Don't just hire who promises to deliver your mobile app at a cheap price. Because in a business environment, the privacy of your data and the value of your innovative idea matters the most.


Check out if the mobile app developer you are hiring has a trustworthy score on independent agency websites. Checking out the Google knowledge graph and previous reviews can also help you ascertain the authenticity of a developer's profile.

An experienced mobile app developer will have an elaborate brand profile and will possess useful skills related to app development, design, marketing, planning, and product management.

2. Check the Experience of Mobile App Developer

You should be extremely diligent in gauging the skills and experience of a mobile app developer before handing over your project. Ask detailed information about the projects completed in the past and also see if his/her experience matches your requirements.


When you hire a mobile app developer from a mobile app development company, there are greater chances that you will be getting resources that have rich experience of handling large-scale projects across industries.


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3. Communicate and Discuss your Needs

It is extremely important for you to outline your requirements and communicate your needs clearly with the mobile app developer. Always try to set a clear roadmap for development as it would help the development process. When you communicate clearly, the developer would be in a better position to align his/her skills according to your requirement.

A vague scope of work can lead to discrepancies in actual requirement and the final product. It is always better to talk to the mobile app developer directly and let him/her know your expectations from a mobile app.

4. Check Client References & Portfolio

Past client references help you understand the kind of commitment you can expect and the quality you will receive. Before handing over your project, ask the developer to share some references/ links to live reviews online.


If a developer has genuine skills and a proven track record, he'll share his entire portfolio along with the list of clients he/she has worked before. If you are dealing with a mobile app development company, a good way to find references is by checking their website for a work portfolio.

If you are outsourcing mobile app development, it is essential to check the past works of the developer as this will help you understand the skills and capabilities of a developer. You can also search for past reviews on and other B2B review websites.

Simple Steps to Hire the Best Mobile App Developer

1. Prepare a Basic Documentation for your Requirements

As discussed earlier, it is important to clearly document your requirements before hiring a mobile app developer. Start with creating basic documentation that enlists your goals, preferences, features you would like to have, strategic vision and other details you would want to convey to an app developer. These basic details would help a mobile app development company to create a thorough roadmap for the mobile app development process.

2. Define your Mobile App Development Budget

Once you are clear about the requirements, you should ascertain the financial investment you are willing to make towards the development process. You would be requiring an expert consultation with some professional to understand the capital requirements.

You can choose to hire a mobile app developer on an hourly basis, monthly basis, or project basis based on your app development needs and your budget. Mobile app development companies offer several flexible engagement models for you to choose from. Just research a bit and choose one according to your budget.

3. Search for a developer from an experienced mobile app development company

It is always better to engage a professional firm instead of a freelancer when it comes to mobile app development. Mobile app development firms have a large pool of talented resources who can work according to your specific needs. As said earlier, such firms offer flexible engagement models for startups to hire a mobile app developer along with a dedicated project manager for support and assistance at every step. So, it's better to hire a developer from an experienced company.

4. Screen & interview available talent

Once you find a worthy mobile app development company for your project, you should shortlist the resources you want to work on your project. Start by screening the available talent and interview the resources already available on the company's payroll.

For the interview process, you can create a basic questionnaire or ask the developers to share their past work for you to review or a mixture of both. Make sure to interact with the actual developers before handing over the project. This will help you gauge their skills and excitement towards your project. Choose the resources that are highly skilled, passionate and committed towards your app idea.

5. Sign a formal contract and NDA before sharing your requirements

When you have finally screened the candidates and finalized everything, your next step should be to sign a formal contract with the mobile app development company. You should also sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with the firm to ensure that your app concept stays protected at all stages of development.

This step is extremely crucial if you are hiring an external team as your app idea and data goes into the hands of an external agency. So, before handing over your idea and requirements, it is important to sign a legal agreement or contract.

6. Happy Hiring

That's all you have to do to get your project rolling. Once you are done with everything from interviewing to screening to signing an agreement, you can be sure of great results out of hiring an offshore team for your app development project. Keep these steps in mind to have a great hiring a mobile app developer and app development experience.

Wrapping Up

Whether you think of hiring locally or outsourcing to another country, it is important that you hire the best app developers. By keeping the above points in mind, you can easily hire capable mobile app developers who align his/her skills according to your project requirements. If you are still confused, you can always get in touch with our experts. They can guide you through the entire process of hiring the most efficient and professional mobile app development team.

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