How To Develop An Online Ticket Booking App Like BookMyShow

The tremendous development in technology has led to many new and innovative alterations in the entertainment industry. Today, the online ticket booking concept has replaced the conventional method of standing in long queues for hours.

The online ticket booking industry has a broad scope of progress and growth in the upcoming days. Seeing the exponential growth and consumers demand for convenience, many organizations have set their way to build an app like BookMyShow.

The splendid idea of this business model is creating hype in the entertainment industry.

According to Statistics, the global online movie ticketing services is expected to register a CAGR of 6.5% by 2025.

Thus, following the growing digital trends, building a ticket booking app will be worth the money.

But, before we move to the process of developing a ticket booking app, let’s discuss the features, functionalities and cost to build an app like BookMyShow.

How BookMyShow Business Model Works

BookMyShow is currently India's largest online ticket booking platform, which is spread across five countries and operates in almost 60 cities.

BookMyShow business model charges convenience fees of 10% plus taxes for every ticket booked from the BookMyShow platform.

BookMyShow platform follows a no refund after payment strategy. Because of its large audience, it promotes new artists and generates a significant revenue stream from promotional methods.

How BookMyShow Business Model Works

Must-have features in app like BookMyShow

If you want to make an app like BookMyShow, you must add some important features to your online ticket booking platform.

Movie Review

A short overview of the story and the movie's star-cast will help the consumers understand what the film has and whether they should invest their time and money.


You can add the link to the film's official trailer as it summarises the movie, and it will engage more customers to book the tickets.

Proper Display of Seats

There should be a clear dashboard that shows the availability of seats with clear colour sets. It will help the user understand how many numbers of seats are empty so that they can choose their favourite one.

Easy Filter Options

Users can filter options based on program dates as well. Programs are categorized so that users can quickly sort out the ones and book the tickets at their convenience.

Real-time booking

Offering a real-time booking service makes perfect sense from a customer standpoint. It allows the customer to book the tickets at their leisure and immediately confirm the seats.

Ratings and Offers

There should be options for the user to give their ratings about the movie. Moreover, special discount offers and customer loyalty programs are always a hit among the audiences.

Pros and Cons of Online Ticket Booking System


  • Immediate booking: You do not have to wait in lines at the ticket counter. Open the ticket booking app, see the showtime, and you're ready for the movie.
  • Easy Payment: Whether you are at your home or office, with the online payment booking system, you can make an instant payment of tickets.
  • Saves Time: If you are booking the tickets online, it will save a lot of time, as you do not need to go to the ticket counter or kiosk. Simply sitting at home, you can book your tickets.
  • Discount and offers: As you're booking the ticket online, you will get some discount offers and cashback into the account.


  • Internet: These apps require reliable internet access for booking tickets and making an online payment. In remote areas with a poor internet connection, online booking is not possible.
  • No security of personal details: You'll need to add your personal and payment details for the ticket reservation process, so there are more chances of data getting misplaced.

Cost to build an app like BookMyShow

Developing an online ticket booking application takes lots of effort and experience. If you're thinking to Develop an app like BookMyShow, you should keep in mind that it will require many user-generated content, videos, and images.

You can even launch a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to check how the end-users interact with your mobile app.

The development cost of a ticket booking app depends on the total number of features included in the app. Considering the basic features, the app development cost may start from $5000 USD to $25000 USD which includes both iPhone & Android applications.

So it is evident that developing a ticket booking app like BookMyShow will cost you higher than developing a simple functionality app.

Summing Up

Developing a successful and quality app is a complex and challenging job. Especially when it comes to building an app like BookMyShow, you need quality research and experience.

You should hire a leading app development company that provides quality in your app to compete with the other similar apps in the market.

If you wish to develop such an app, Get in touch with our expert developers and share your ideas.

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