How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like TaskRabbit

In this fast-paced era where most of the people are working round the clock to earn more and money, it has become a daunting task for workaholics to complete their everyday tasks. That is the reason why on-demand apps came into use.

On-demand service apps are burgeoning day by day and are undoubtedly making our lives easier than ever. Such apps work as a nexus between various businesses and their customers and are equipped with multiple features. To exemplify, TaskRabbit app is one such eminent platform that offers the users with the facility to hire workers to perform their daily tasks on their behalf.

Let’s dig in deep to know more about TaskRabbit and let’s know how much it costs to build an app like TaskRabbit.

What is TaskRabbit?

Today’s generation wants everything to be done with the help of apps and hence such on-demand apps have become a necessity for them. When it comes to apps that help in daily household activities, then TaskRabbit is always the first preference of the users.

This app was launched in 2008 by Leah Busque. The idea stroked into her mind when one day she was occupied and was running over the time to purchase food for her dog.

Promising to be an answer for a large number of our cutting edge burdens and requirements for jacks of all trades, Taskrabbit has opened new roads of business.

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With the help of this home service app, customers are able to outsource their daily chores to the doers who can complete their tasks within given deadlines. Hence, it acts as a two-sided marketplace connecting two different kinds of users namely, Task Posters and Task doers.

Task Posters are the kind of users who are looking for the workers to complete their tasks and Task doers are the individuals who are looking forward to work by completing the given tasks. This app is already running in almost 20 cities with its exclusive concept of outsourcing small responsibilities like cleaning, gardening, animal care, plumbing, carpet cleaning and much more.

What are the various segments in such taskrabbit apps?

Well, there are mainly 2 segments namely, TaskPoster and Task doers. The former is responsible for posting works on the TaskRabbit app and the application will connect them to the latter ones( Task doers), who are the unemployed or underemployed or professionals that are ready to help and complete the tasks on time and get paid in return.

In order to become a valid Task doer, your background will be thoroughly checked and you will be appearing for an interview in the form of a Quiz. When a task is assigned to a tasker then he may reject or accept it as per his availability. all the details of the task doers are stored in the database and task posters are given the liberty to post feedback and reviews for the work done.

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Also, when a poster posts a task, three workers are assigned to them along with their per hour charges.

Once the work is accomplished then payment is managed through the app.

Features- The highlights that can be included an application as are TaskRabbit:

Login details

mobile app Login details

These are the fundamental highlights for the new clients for enrollment to the application by giving their subtleties, for example, name, contact number, email address, and so forth and existing clients to login.

Various classifications of Jobs

Various classifications of Jobs screen

A full rundown of occupation classes for the application client to choose from. This component should be where you show what all administrations you have on offer. In the wake of tapping on the individual classes, clients would be coordinated towards independent characterization pages separating all the different work options clients would get.

Payment Tracking

payment tracking Screen

The client must have the chance of following the installments.

Feedback forms

feedback form screen

The clients must have the option to communicate their criticism in the application that is significant for any amendments.


help screen

Users must have the option to discover any solution for their queries through the assistance area. The in-application chat highlights and empowers the clients and specialist organizations to interact with one another progressively. The thing you should make a note is that you ought to give a sheltered and make sure about the stage where your clients have trust in the application.

Review area

mobile app review screen

The most significant thing for an application is the option for the client to post a rating and review the application. The rating highlight assumes a significant job in making the application fruitful. It goes like, more the surveys/stars, the more prominent the administration appointments from your application.

Tech Stack Required for an App Like TaskRabbit

React Native
React Native

How much does it cost to create an app like TaskRabbit?

$5,000 to $30,000 would be the first estimate that would cross the mind if we think about the cost. In order to know the precise cost of such home service on-demand apps, contact the top app development company in India that can assist you in creating an app like TaskRabbit in your budget and timeline.

Factors that affect the overall cost to develop an app like Taskrabbit

Well, we cannot highlight all the aspects influencing the cost to develop an app like TaskRabbit yet we have the major ones in front of you

  • Kind of platform -If you are looking forward to building such an app on a native platform like Android, iOS app development then this can cost you a fortune. For cross-platform, it will be affordable for you.
  • Designing - The more detailed and creative design you need, costlier the app would be. Anyhow you can always add or remove the features from the app as per your requirement and your overall budget.Apart from that, other things like features, functionality, technology, developers' experience, and many more things can affect the overall cost to build an app like TaskRabbit.

Why can such an app be one of the best startups?

In this day and age, people love such apps that help them to do their work on their behalf. Therefore if you are looking for a startup then you can think of launching an app like TaskRabbit in the market and can earn a lump some money.

With such apps, you can earn extra money by advertising third party products on your app. Also, you can charge the processing fee from the users. If there is a high demand for the services especially during the festive season, then you can easily charge them extra.


Right now, individuals are gigantically subject to the web to find innovative experts who can help them in an assortment of errands like clothing, transportation, nourishment, plumbing, development, electrical assignments, outfitting, cleaning, basic food item, security, planting, and the rundown goes on. As what's to come is moving towards more advances in innovation, the prerequisite and interest for administrations like TaskRabbit are unquestionably going to get bigger.

It is of huge intrigue not simply to the end-clients who are utilizing it increasingly because of the solace that it gives to them, yet in addition, the businesspersons who are looking for a top salary arranged business process. Along these lines, it is a prime time for creating an app like TaskRabbit. The procedure to follow to make a clone of an application like TaskRabbit would expect you to Connect with the best mobile application development company that comprehends the on-demand home help industry back to front.

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