Key Features

  • Secure User Login and Sign up
  • Login/Sign up via Facebook or Gmail
  • Connect with Friends.
  • Create Events, Invite Friends to Events, Send Message to the users joined for Events.
  • Create Groups, Invite Friends to join Group, Share Images, Youtube Videos and Events in Group.
  • Share Status, photos/photo album, Events in News Feeds.
  • One to One Chat feature
  • Prompt- Notifications
  • Report Spam feature
web-based social networking application

Some Incredibly Extensive Features

MyKomms helps you to find your Perfect Date!

Users can create a profile for dating and MyKomms helps its users to find a perfect match for dating based on various criteria and by preferences of the different perspective.

The User can chat or send a message to the one they find suitable for themselves.

MyKomms allows you to Buy or Sell things Online!

MyKomms helps its users to Buy or Sell stuff Online. MyKomms make it the most Convenient, Cool and Fun way to Buy or Sell things around you.

Easy Carpooling with MyKomms!

Mykomms allows you easy carpooling service. With Mykomms you Can easily Offer a ride by entering your start and end location, Time and cost per seat.

And also you can take a ride by just searching start and end location, timings, distance flexibility and explore potential rides for you.


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