Business Management Suite On Cloud (SaaS- CRM)

How we built a full-fledged SaaS Business Management Suite?


Business management solution that can run on the cloud

Tech Used:

CodeIgniter, MySQL, PHP

Results Achieved:

Turnkey cloud solution with dedicated modules to manage every aspect of business operations.

Business Management Suite On Cloud

Project Overview

The client, a retail computer outlet based in Sweden, was looking to build a business management software to manage every aspect of their business. They planned to build an MVP, test it with their own business, and then launch it as a SaaS platform for other small business owners in the same industry.

The client was looking for a platform to manage customers, sales, service, warehousing, invoicing, HR management, customer reports, and several dedicated modules.

We considered the requirements, built a basic prototype and helped the client launch a full-fledged business CRM, reporting, sales, and management solution in less than 16 months.

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Building a solution with multiple modules is always challenging regarding alignment, synchronisation, and business logic. To top the challenge, the client needed a lean UX/UI solution for ease of use and was looking for a multilingual platform.

The top requirements (and corresponding challenges) were as follows:

  • Ability to micro-manage warehouse operations for hardware repair and client asset management (transparency about the storage of the hardware deposited by customers for repairs)
  • Availability of a tier-based rewards/loyalty points module for regular customers to provide discounts based on their annual purchases/spends
  • Multi-faceted invoicing system that allows raising invoices for hardware, software, and servicing
  • Building a modular SaaS platform to allow the client to resell individual modules to other business owners


As the project requirement was complex and needed several moving parts, our team analysed each of the requirements in detail. After a clear consensus on the business logic and operational flow with the client, our team prepared a detailed documentation for each feature.

Each module was divided into individual segments, further broken down into individual functionality to achieve a modular and scalable structure suitable for SaaS.

An MVC architecture was designed for each feature to allow admins to enable/disable each feature/module within the system on-demand.

Two separate databases were created — one for the SaaS platform and another for the standalone solution to enhance the functionality and speed of the solution.

Every micro feature was categorised under contextual sub-menus within the modules for ease of use and a simplified UX.

A customisable subscription module was also developed to allow the client to launch the solution as a SaaS platform for other business owners.

Major Modules & Features
Module Features Suitable for
  • Add new customers
  • Update customer details
  • Smart Search
  • Filter customers based on their status/membership type
  • Assign membership badges based on spending
  • Define cashback percentage based on membership tier
  • Deposit cashback reward points based on membership tier, spend and cashback percentage on every purchase

Recording and managing customer details to enhance customer delight

Employee Management (HR Module)
  • Manage employee listing directory
  • Employee Check-in and Check-out time reporting
  • Employee leave management
  • Create and Update Employee Group for permission management
  • Set commission rates for employees

Manage your workforce and provide permissions to use platform functionalities based on their designation

Service Order Management
  • Manage Service Orders
  • Manage Order type
  • Manage Service Status
  • Save. record and input different product types and product accessories for future use

Streamline order management with a well-organized order dashboard for quick updates about service orders.

Inventory/Warehouse Management
  • Manage multiple warehouses differentiated by unique identifier ID
  • Quick Search by identifier ID and Filter by Status.
  • Allocate warehouse identifier automatically at the time of order
  • Automatic inventory management (increase/decrease) on service order completion.

Manage inventory for multiple warehouses or branch stores.

Reporting & Analytics
  • Employee work schedule report
  • Detailed Customer Cashback report.
  • Sales report based on particular period
  • Consumption report to discover fastest-selling products or services

Statistical reporting dashboard for discovering sales, work, and consumption patterns for improving service efficiency

Admin Portal
  • Create a new store
  • Assign a particular module (CRM, employee, inventory management) to a store
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Secure login with 2FA functionality
  • Store statistics dashboard for a complete view of the total number of registered stores and active/inactive stores
  • Multilingual dashboard in English & Swedish

Powerful admin portal to scale and expand operations and manage multiple stores from a single dashboard

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