Currency Converter

Currency Converter and Exchange Rate Alert

Dynamic App for Conversion & Tracking of Global Currency Rates

Currency Converter & Exchange Rate app is a cross-platform mobile app developed to address the needs of the globalized world economy. Users can keep track of market movements of more than 180+ currencies and browse historical price charts from their Android & iOS device.

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Built for
React Native & Laravel


  • Supports More than 180 Global Currencies
  • Real-time Price Updates Every Minute
  • Currency Rate Comparison for Multiple Currencies
  • Easy & Intuitive Interface for Quick Review of Market Prices
  • Dynamic Search Features for Discovering Currency Rates
  • Watch List Features to Enlist Favorite Currencies
  • Dynamic Historical Price Charts from 1 day to 10 Years
  • Currency Trends Features for Monitoring Movements
  • User Opinion Tool to Share Forex Trading Opinions & Strategies
  • Currency Conversion Feature with Real-time Prices
  • Responsive Chat Feature to Interact with Other Users
  • Set Rate Alerts for a Particular Currency

Designed for the Globally-connected Economy

The entire currency converter app development process revolved around globalizing the usability and appeal of the mobile app by adding support for more than 180+ currencies. Users can keep an eye on the prices of all major, minor and exotic currencies including US Dollars, Pounds, Riyal, Ruble, Dinar, etc. from a single mobile app.


Currency Comparison Feature for Maximum Benefit

Users can compare the prices of two or more currencies in minutes and get real-time updates about price fluctuations at the same time. This helps in getting the best exchange rates while travelling overseas and also benefits active traders with interests in forex trading.


Real-time Exchange Rate Alerts

The app empowers a user to get real-time alerts in case of price fluctuation on smartphone, on-the-go. Once a user signs up for the exchange rate alert, he will get real-time updates about rates and even get notifications when the currency achieves the desired target. So, one stays in touch with the market, from anywhere, anytime.


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