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10 Best Apps Built with Flutter Framework in 2021-2022

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Launched by Google in 2017, Flutter is a dynamic cross-platform development framework. Being an open source platform that enables developers to create native UI for Android & iOS, Flutter is becoming the preferred choice of developers all over the globe. In this blog, we will cover 10 apps built using the Flutter framework to showcase its capabilities. So, here we go:

1. Google Ads

Google utilized Flutter framework to roll out a number of Google Flutter apps and Google Ads is one of the widely used apps. A total revamp from the old ads platform, the new app offers detailed campaign information and offers real-time alerts to campaigners. There are several features that have been enhanced by Flutter framework’s capabilities and users can now improve their campaigns on the go.

  • Google Ads
  • Google Ads

2. Alibaba

Alibaba.com is one of the largest eCommerce platforms on the planet. Using Flutter, the platform has improved its mobile app to facilitate global transactions in its wholesale marketplace. Alibaba mobile app made with Flutter framework shows Flutter’s capability as a framework to support large-scale eCommerce transactions.

  • Google Ads
  • Google Ads

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Reflectly is a lifestyle app that is powered by AI technology to help users create a personal journal. Providing users with new questions every day, the app enables users to be thoughtful about their daily life and what they are doing every day. The app also has an insightful dashboard that provides detailed personal statistics and insights. All this shows that apps developed using Flutter can incorporate innovative technologies like AI, ML & NLP effectively.

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4.Birch Finance

Birch Finance is an app to help users manage their credit cards and keep a record of their reward points. Using the Flutter-powered fin-tech app users can analyze their reward benefits, track their expenses and discover several ways to maximize and redeem their reward points.

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  • Google Ads

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5.Hamilton Musical

Hamilton Musical is the official mobile app for the popular Broadway musical, Hamilton. The Flutter mobile app helps show organizers to upload daily news and videos, update tour locations, organize daily trivia and allows users to buy official Hamilton merchandise from the official store.

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6.Coach Yourself Meditation App

Coach Yourself is an innovative health and fitness app that allows users to meditate by giving up their non-useful habit. In a way, the app augments the process of personal development. With lots of unique features to keep users engaged and an intuitive UI, the app is a model Flutter app example highlighting Flutter’s inherent capabilities to create apps for diverse industry segments.

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7.Hookle Social App

Hookle is an interesting social media platform that created its mobile app using the Flutter framework. The Hookle app made with Flutter allows users to share posts, manage their accounts and monitor activities using a single dashboard. Users can even keep an eye on activities across multiple channels and customize their posts right within the app.

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Watermaniac turns a user’s mobile into a water intake tracker, helping them find out how much water they consume on a daily basis. Users can set a daily consumption goal and can get real-time reminders that remind them to drink water during the day.

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CryptoGraph mobile app helps users to track market movements associated with more than 1600 global cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Dogecoin, & more. The Flutter-based mobile app works intuitively to present real-time data in the form of exchange rate charts and enables users to track price movements of their desired cryptocurrency.

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10.SG BusTracker

SG BusTracker is a navigation app that allows commuters in Singapore to get real-time updates about the estimated arrival time of buses plying in the city. Users can browse nearby bus stops, get updates about bus schedules from different service providers and check seat availability right within the app.

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Last Thoughts

Now that you know the potential of Flutter framework for creating a next-gen mobile app, why don’t you start thinking about developing an app using Flutter? Flutter framework can be effectively leveraged to create mobile apps for entertainment, fashion, health & fitness, navigation, finance, & other industry segments. If you have any questions regarding flutter app development or have an idea you want to realize, Get in touch with our app development experts now.

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How many apps use Flutter?

Almost 500,000 developers use Flutter every month and out of the active developers, 35% work in startups. So, it’s fair to say that flutter is the choice of startups in 2020. Big guns like Tencent, Groupon, Square, Emaar and hundreds of startups have made flutter their preferred framework.
The short answer is yes. You can build a website with Flutter. Flutter offers web support for code. You just need to create a UI, write code in Flutter and integrate the code to create a lightweight website that’s responsive, clean and reliable.
No. Flutter can be used as a complete cross-platform development framework. You can use Flutter to create mobile apps, web apps and more. Clean UI is just a feature or a benefit of using Flutter for app development.
Just like PWA, Flutter is another SDK for cross-platform development, but more powerful. Flutter helps in creating integrated apps for different platforms that can use native features of the device which PWA cannot do explicitly.
Yes. Flutter facilitates cross-platform app development that saves time, effort and money for startups. You can use a single codebase for launching apps on iOS and Android. All this with a reliable backend and a modern UI.
There are more than half a million developers who use Flutter globally. Some of the big companies and startups that rely on Flutter include Tencent, Dream11, The New York Times, Alibaba, Google, etc.
A Flutter app is an app developed using the Flutter toolkit that allows cross-platform development through code reuse across iOS and Android. Flutter makes it easier to build and launch apps that can use the native features of the device across platforms.
Flutter is better than the native approach to app development. It saves time, effort and money and offers more than the native approach. Developers can use the hot reloading feature that saves time spent on rebuilding and app and the single codebase allows building apps simultaneously for Android & iOS.
Who says it doesn’t? With more startups using Flutter than ever, it would be unwise to ignore it. Flutter is great for cross platform app development without overstretching things and promises a great end-user experience with reliability and scalability potential. So, from what we’ve seen, it has tremendous potential and a bright future.
There are hundreds of apps out there that are built using the Flutter framework. Some of them include realtor.com, Tencent, Square, Google Assistant, Groupon, eBay, etc. For a complete list of apps on Flutter, check the Flutter showcase.
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