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5 Unique Marketplace Ideas for 2022-2023 & Beyond

best Online Marketplace ideas

Are you searching for the best marketplace idea in 2022? In this article, we cover top marketplace business ideas.

eCommerce is everywhere and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the world loves shopping online.

With more users inclined towards online shopping than ever, thanks to quarantine and coronavirus, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that eCommerce is the future.

According to Statista, eCommerce sales is expected to cross $6.54 trillion by the end of 2024.

Beginning on a single seller supply chain model, the eCommerce industry has evolved into something different.

Challenges You Need to Tackle while Developing a Marketplace

Today, marketplace business model acquire 80% in the global eCommerce GMV as per a 2018 report by Statista

The biggest eCommerce players like Amazon and Flipkart are operated on marketplace business models where different sellers list their products for end customers to buy online.

Clearly, online marketplaces are a successful business model serving as a facilitator between the buyer and seller.

Introduction to the Online Marketplace Ideas

An online marketplace platform serves as a mediator between a buyer and seller. Different sellers converge at a marketplace, trying to attract investors towards their product/service listing.

Marketplace works just like the free economy. The consumer has an option to choose any seller instead of having to stick to a single brand.

In fact, marketplaces offer lists by different sellers for the same product/service, empowering an end-customer further, thus fulfillingthe  objective of higher conversions for the marketplace store owners.

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Best Online Marketplace Ideas for 2022-2023

1. FinTech Marketplace

Fintech marketplaces are one of the hottest marketplace of ideas on this planet.

One of the biggest growth sectors on the planet, the financial segment offers huge opportunities for disruption.

Traditionally, the financial sector is known to be slow and highly regulated, increasing the chances of inefficiency and bureaucracy.

With modern technologies, entrepreneurs are promising fast, transparent, efficient, and more productive financial services to the end customers.

All this is done using innovative technologies like blockchain along with the base model of building a B2B marketplace.

Some of the most fascinating opportunities include lending, real estate, investments, accounting, financial management, and consulting services.

Take the example of Mastersome, a dedicated fintech marketplace for smart management consultancy.

The platform lists financial experts from different parts of the world and companies can contact them for complex financial tasks like budgeting, accounting, auditing, financial forecasting and much more.

2. Forest Rental Marketplace

Well, this is truly a unique kind of ideas marketplace bringing a completely offline opportunity for digital entrepreneurs.

To give you a context, let’s take the example of France & the European Union.

Countries in the European Union are known to lease forests and other remote regions to private individuals.

Forest owners who lease the can forge wood and sell forest products in open market in return of the lease paid.

A wood marketplace allows such forest owners to list their products such as food and other forest products for buyers.

Forest owners can also manage forest coupes (parts of forest land to be harvested) using a marketplace, making it easier for them to improve profitability.

Such kind of unique, agro-centric marketplaces will be seen as a booming opportunity in the coming year because of the organic revolution worldwide.

La Filiere Bois is an interesting online marketplace working on the similar lines and allows buyers to source natural wood while giving forest owners an efficient option to reach buyers directly.

3. Handyman (Uber for Services) Marketplace

We all know how Uber practically carved an entire industry out of scratch, disrupting the earlier taxi business model.

Well, handyman services segment is a booming opportunity up for grabs in 2020.

Due to the vast potential and demand for handyman services – from cleaning to gardening, salon to car repair and more, handyman marketplace will always be in demand.

Moreover, the booming demand of peer-to-peer marketplace ideas gig economy worldwide is opening up new prospects to launch your own marketplace, just like Uber for particular services.

Here it can come about everything you have done or are doing or possibilities.

A handyman marketplace can be generic and operate just like My Service Menu operates in the UK or can be more specific to a particular service like Hitta Salong, which offers salon services on-demand.

4. Event Marketplace

Creating a marketplace for event management, especially for stakeholders like organizers, venue owners and participants can be the next big opportunity.

As we all know, the passion economy is on the rise with creators being online more and more.

Stage performers like comedians, singers and performers keep looking for paid gigs around their regions.

One can think of creating a marketplace for organizers to list upcoming events, inviting local performers and selling online tickets for viewers.

One of the most successful examples of this model is StageGator that operates in the US. Fans, performers and location owners (organizers) can interact on a single platform to achieve their goals.

5. Sporting Marketplace

Similar to an event or performers marketplace, a sporting marketplace can be a great idea in countries with huge fan following.

Say for example creating a Football marketplace where club managers, players and ground owners can interact and discover each other.

While players can get latest updates about the upcoming selection and training sessions, ground owners can list their ground for matches and even organize tournaments.

Soccerji is an interesting example of a sporting marketplace that is slowly disrupting the Football landscape in India by bringing everyone on a single platform.

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Wrapping Up: Online Marketplace Ideas

The marketplace model eliminates several inefficiencies of a single brand eCommerce platform.

By giving more choice to the end customer and servicing as an aggregator, marketplace opens dual revenue channels for an aspiring entrepreneur.

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So, if you are thinking of riding the marketplace revolution in the eCommerce marketplace, Get in touch with our experts now.

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